Sunday, August 12, 2007

My Public Service Announcement...

We had a guest speaker at church tonight...actually, he spent the weekend doing a Parent's Conference for our church. His focus was teens, but really, it applies to all families. He wanted to inform parents of the things some teens REALLY do with all the technology that's out there (cell phones, iPods, video games and the internet)...he threw out some startling statistics. 90% of boys ages 8 - 16 have viewed online pornography. 60% of men, 30% of women struggle with this 'addiction'. There are 2 MILLION websites of this kind...only 3% of them require a credit card to view them. Some sites are sought out; others are stumbled upon...this can be prevented.

We will more than likely be installing a software called Bsafe, or something similar, on our computer. We agreed with Brian when he said something like - Technology isn't bad, it's what you choose to do with it that can ruin your life.

I don't like to post things that bring people down...but when these things were brought to my attention tonight, it made me I'm just passing on the thinking.

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