Friday, August 24, 2007


Oh my, it's been a whole week since I've posted!! Tragic, I know.

I want to get photos together of the pages I accomplished last weekend at Cropical Paradise...26 pages, by the way! I had a great time and am just cranking out pages left and right. Donald says 'what do you have left to scrap'?? What DON'T I have left to scrap?!?!? I'm only THREE years behind in our 'Family' album...and TWO years behind in Ella's book...and since Evan's not two yet, I'm only a mere ONE year and 10 months behind!!! I have, however, been getting my other albums finished...all the small details I had left out previously. I will soon be able to say that I have FIVE finished albums sitting in my home just WAITING to be viewed. I really love my hobby and as long as the time continues to be set aside each month, I will continue to make progress. These 20+ page weekends have really helped! I have an all-day crop tomorrow to go to and I hope to get at least 12 pages completed.

In other news, you should all know that I'm tired of grocery shopping with my two lovely children...b/c in the midst of shopping, they're not so lovely! Shocked??? Today was one of the worst shopping days ever. Evan has really gotten super whiny and Ella just closes her ears, it seems. Argh! I'm trying to calm down for a moment...then I will GLADLY go downstairs and put their rear-ends in the bed...peace is headed my way!

Happy Friday!

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Anonymous said...

Good work! Glad you're back...

Laura : )