Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another day in Paradise...

I'm heading out with the ladies again this weekend for another awesome trip to Cropical Paradise. We got SUCH an amazing deal...basically we're going for the second time and still haven't paid as much as we would have on ONE full-price weekend...that's sweet! I have pretty much finished Ella's first year albums (yes, plural) with the exception of a very few minor details. I can do those I've gotten everything together to start on precious Evan's album. I have SO much to do! I know I don't have as many pictures of him as I did of Ella - that's called '2nd child syndrome', but I've planned out 26 pages to do this weekend (only including pregnancy, showers and hospital) and have more pics with me JUST in case I turn into Speedy Gonzales and need more to do. I'm so excited about FINALLY being able to start on BOY pages!! I hope they turn out well...I've only scrapped my girl so I have to put on my 'boy' brain! :) It's going to be wonderful!!

There aren't as many of us going this time...3 veterans and 3 we'll have to show them the ropes! We've talked it up so much...I hope the newbies are as impressed as we were the first time.

Donald will be off work tomorrow with the kids and have them to himself all weekend. I'm sure he'll entertain them just fine; although going outside is not an option. We've been inside all week except for maybe Monday night around 7:30 when we let them's just too hot!! Donald's cycling schedule has been altered as well. He's been riding EARLY in the morning and also at lunch, but it's too terribly hot at noon to go riding...he's been doing aerobics classes instead. Donald is so dedicated (unlike his wife). Way to go, Big, I mean, not-so-big D!

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Anonymous said...

have FUN! i wish i could get inspired...where is the time though? NEED to work on the baby book!!