Sunday, September 23, 2007

Because I have SO many extra hours in a day...

I started a project. Husband is out of I'll say this is one less 'honey-do' that he'll have to do when he comes home! I've been wanting to paint. Paint what? Anything really. I just have this need to redecorate SOMETHING. Painting is one of the least expensive changes you can make...unless you're painting a whole room. Then you'll inevitably need new bedding, or curtains, or frames, or...whatever...then it's certainly not cheap anymore. I decided that I'd do something in our master bathroom. You should know that the tub and countertop are what I used to think was a pretty ::now I just think they show just how dirty a bathroom can get:: shade of teal...not blue, not green - and sense bleen doesn't sound like a nice name for a color - someone came up with teal. Anyway, it has always been very difficult to decorate the room with this color. It's hard to find a shower curtain that looks good with bleen, er, teal and the gray tile on the floor. I just haven't seen a nice 'theme' that would match. Navy REALLY makes the teal look green...then guests think you were color blind the day you picked everything out. Once upon a time, Walmart came out with the perfect shade of teal throw rugs and towels...and we bought them out - but that's the only thing we have going! The cabinet is dark oak. The only dark wooden object in a room full of gray and teal with white trim. Watch out, here comes the light bulb moment....Hmm, why don't I paint the cabinet to match the trim in the REST OF THE ROOM!?? Paint the cabinet white!! What a novel idea! I started on the project mere hours after Donald left Friday morning...and by the way, he doesn't know!! I mentioned it in passing one day and he didn't jump up and down, nor did he scoff, so it's happening. I am not finished - but what is finished so far looks wonderful. I'm wondering why I hadn't done this sooner...say, six years ago when we first painted the bathroom (gray, fyi, with blue swirls stamped on the walls...b/c what on earth color should I paint them to coordinate with the teal!??! If you have a suggestion, please help!). The cabinet was the only dark oak thing in there back then too...oh well. I only thought to do it now - you guessed it - because I have so many extra hours in a day!
You may see a picture of said cabinets when they're finished...whether you want to or not! :) Heck, you may even see them before Donald!! Oh, oh!! And he'll be gone for two weeks next month...oh what I might be able to accomplish! Mwua-ah-ha!! Maybe someone will come up with the perfect color for the rest of the bathroom and I can do THAT while he's in INDIA!

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The Boyd Family said...

Hey girl! Decorating is yet another of my talents :) If you will email me a picture of your bathroom, I'll see what ideas I can come up with for ya.