Thursday, September 20, 2007

To Grandpa's house we went....

The children and I had a great time on our little adventure to Papa Tom and CeCe's. I put the DVD player in the car because they, mostly Evan, have a habit of saying my name a thousand times anytime we're in the car. I had hoped to prevent this by occupying them with movies...yea, well...that Evan still talked...a LOT. It could've been worse. Overall, I did enjoy the drive.

Thursday night we just hung out at their house. We played outside with a frisbee and mini golfing set they had on hand. Evan was very upset when we put the clubs away...guess he wants to be like Tiger! We had a nice little dinner, then it was back to playing. You have to understand that my dad's house has a natural 'race track' for the entrance/exit on either side of the den/ the kids had a fabulous time chasing each other around that loop. It was quite entertaining to watch actually...the giggling that occured was hilarious.

Cece is working at a really cool little place called Discovery Center...lots of hands-on stuff for the kids to experiment with. She was able to get us a few guest passes so that's where we wore the kids out Friday morning. They have a natural marsh-land habitat for all kinds of creatures. We saw ducks, turtles, fish, tadpoles and two otters. Ella was really pleased with seeing the animals. We went inside and found lots of learning opportunities. The kids had a blast...especially on the big slide, painting and playing in the water. Cece surprised us all by getting Mr. Bill out of his tank...Mr. Bill is a ball python snake. The kids both pet him...and believe it or not it was Ella that really liked him. Evan had the most hesitation with touching him...very funny to watch because he's NEVER shy about anything.

The kids really enjoyed the trip. We were all tired when we got home and slept VERY well that night. Thank you Papa Tom and Cece for letting us come up to spend time with you. We love you!!
Enjoy the slide show...

P.S. Evan's t-shirt said 'Here comes Trouble' - so that's his new nickname. Papa Tom taught him how to say 'What's up Trouble'? Funny.

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The Boyd Family said...

Where to Papa Tom and CeCe live? That looks like the place we went in Chattanooga, but I can't remember the name of it. Anyway, looks like you all had a great time...Great Photos!