Friday, September 28, 2007

It's all about me!

Here's a little fun. I didn't come up with this, I blog-lifted it, but hey, it's free entertainment!!

What was I doing 10 years ago…I was in my sophomore year of college, dating Donald, working at First TN Bank inside a Seessel’s, living with my dad and driving the oldest car known to man.
What was I doing 5 years ago…I had been married for two years, was working full-time at Guardsmark (ick), driving my little red ’98 Escort, schmoozing what I thought was the best dog in the world (Harley-gave him away two years ago), traveling (actually, I think we had just gotten home from Vegas about this time in ‘02) and living a sort of carefree life with the hubby.
What was I doing 1 year ago…celebrated our 6th anniversary, had a 2½ year old and a nearly 1 year old (so, pulling my hair out), working at MDO and gearing up for our first family trip to the beach.
What did I do yesterday…I woke up! I got breakfast for the kids, worked out on the elliptical machine, bathed the kids, tidied up the house, fed the kids, rerolled the unrolled roll of TP (thanks, Evan), blogged, welcomed hubby home (with a new cabinet in the bathroom, which he loved and was glad he didn't have to do!), went out to dinner, Target and Baskin Robbins, watched tv, read other blogs and blogged some more!
5 snacks I enjoy…ice cream, chocolate, chips/dip, chocolate chip cheese ball and Milk Duds
5 things I would do if I had $1,000,000…give back to God, pay off our mortgage so I could give the house away and move, save for the children, help my family and friends, play with the rest (i.e. shopping spree!)
5 places I would runaway to…the beach (east or west), Europe (never been), the mountains (Smokies or Poconos), Cropical Paradise, to my daddy’s.
5 bad habits I have…overeating, overspending, not praying enough, yelling at my kids, speeding…at least I’m honest (not a bad habit!!)
5 things I like doing…kissing my children, tickling my children, scrapbooking my children, playing softball, and…blogging!
5 tv shows I like…Dancing with the Stars, Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?, Diagnosis X, The Biggest Loser, House Hunters.
5 biggest joys…graduating college, getting married, my children, the love and devotion of my husband, and having an awesome God.

And fellow bloggers...if you've read this, you've now been tagged and you must answer these questions on your blog! Chop chop.

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Noodle said...

Found you through Southern Girl. I'm all about a good meme. I'll do this one! :)