Monday, October 1, 2007

Mental Health Treatment Plan

Next Monday, Donald will be leaving for PA for a day or two and then he's off to India until the 22nd. Yikes! So here's the deal. I do not want to keep these kiddos under my feet, glued to the tv, cooped up at home, I mean, all to myself the whole time Daddy is gone...we need things to do!! If you have a particular day that you can have lunch/dinner or play, let's make it a date! (Tues., Wed. & Sun. are the only days we're already 'entertained') We can meet somewhere (i.e. the mall playground or park), you can come here, we can come to you, whatever oops, (Ella's 'bad' word) we have no preference. Neither the kids, nor I, will be the least bit sane if we don't get a little more active during those two weeks. Thank you, in advance, for being a part of our mental well-being. I'm looking forward to booking your 'Golden Getaway' appointment...but you must hurry...I'm certain the days will fill up quickly!! (Right?!?!)

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