Wednesday, September 5, 2007

No Mr. Ed here.....

We took Ella horseback riding about a year ago and since then, she's be talking about going again. We thought it would be super cool if we could find somewhere to ride on Labor Day. I was planning on checking the phonebook for stables that offer public riding...but I never got to that point. I thought to check with my cousin...she's a horse-lover and I remembered that she rides whenever she gets a chance. Connections...that's what she has! She said that she had access to four horses and we could definitely ride Monday. My aunt kept Evan and we met my cousin and her friend for a ride. Ella was beyond excited the night before...but after waiting for the girls to get the horses saddled, etc. she was a little over it. In fact, she said 'I don't want to'...we gently reminded her that we came to ride and we were going to ride!!

Ella and Donald rode Stretch...a gentle, older, male horse. He is the leader of the herd and is very tall. Oh, and he's a typical male...very gassy! HA! I started out riding behind Donald and Ella and QUICKLY had to get out of the 'line of fire'. Shewie! (Ella thought this was hilarious...her 'tooting' horse. Very comical.)

Here's the horse I rode...a sweet female named Shadow.

My cousin Rebecca rode beautiful! He's a little spunky so we let the 'pro' handle him!

Who doesn't love to see horses run? They are so beautiful and graceful. Rebecca and Jen got them running for us. These girls really know a lot about horses - they did a great job with them and they were very patient with the rookies!

We had a great time with the horses...and smelled a little like them when we were finished. I hope Ella stays interested in horses - what awesome animals!

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