Friday, October 12, 2007

10 and a wake up...

Donald called about 10:30am. It was such a short conversation that it left me quite bummed. I've spoken to him a total of 7 minutes in the past 48 hours - guess I'm having withdrawals. Anyway, he said that it's really hot there and his hotel doesn't have air conditioning, only fans. He has to drive through a really yucky part of town to get to a store or atm. He said everything is quite disorganized right now. They are suppose to give him a cell phone within the next day or so...that will help him be able to call more often. Ella and Evan were both able to speak to him this morning - that was a treat for Donald, I'm sure.

I took the kids to the park this morning...and wore them out! :) We had lunch at McDs...which brings me to something unheard of. How many people can say that their McDs was hot enough to burn their mouth?! I would've never thought it could happen...but I bit into my sandwich and oh my goodness! I had to - brace yourself - let it sit and cool I KNOW that's not the usual!! Evan passed out on the way home; I think I'll get a great nap out of him today. Ella insisted that she wasn't tired...yawning all the she's sleeping well, too.

Please keep praying for us. As much as I wanted Donald to call yesterday, I had just drifted into my best sleep when he finally did call - and it just wasn't the same after that. I felt my throat closing up during the night and today I just feel like a groggy mess. I'll need an extra dose of patience since I'm not feeling well.

Love to you all...

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