Saturday, October 13, 2007

9 and a wake up...

We're in single digits, folks! :) Yahoo! Donald called last night and we were able to talk for nearly 20 minutes (will probably cost $8000). It was 7am for him - and he was just standing there sweating while talking on the phone - he says it's really hot there. He said he hasn't had much of an appetite; I guess with the heat and constant intake of (bottled) water, he has no desire to eat. He said the way of life over there is just...not sure of the right word...people live in shacks, all lined up along the roads. He said that he'll take some pictures for us. Fortunately, Donald is staying on the military base...not in a hotel as I first thought, but in barricks there, so he is safe and not in a shack along the road.

Donald called again this morning. He has just finished dinner. I asked what he had eaten and he said 'rice, more rice, something with chicken and potatoes'. He's trying to stay away from the mystery food. He said breakfast isn't too bad with eggs and chicken saugsage (?). He got a look at the triathalon course today - it needs major work. He'll be spending the next few days helping to ready the course for competition to be held next week sometime.

Today we will be celebrating my Granny's birthday (it was Tueday, Happy Birthday Granny!) at CiCi's Pizza. Donald said for me to eat some pizza for him...can you imagine what kind of things he'll want to eat when he gets home? I'm guessing we'll stop for something 'American' on the way home from picking him up at the airport!

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