Sunday, October 21, 2007

How ONE-derful!

One. ONE!! YAY, one more sleep and Donald will be home! He should be on a plane right about now, beginning his journey home, through Amsterdam. I have not spoken to him today, but he should be calling me when he lands there. He will be flying from now until the break in Amst. and then all day tomorrow until he lands here at approx. 6:30pm. I am giddy. I am so excited that this is almost over. I will be so happy for him to be here - for him to get a nice shower at home - to have a nice, home-cooked meal - and for him to rest his head in his own bed. I will not *allow* him to go to work on Tuesday. It's going to be family day. We may not do anything but exist - and that's ok, we'll exist HERE together. :)

We had a great time at the 'cowboy party' at church. I never saw a memo about wearing jeans to church, but I got close with a denim skirt. I found the most suitable western-wear we had on hand for the kiddos...I think they were adorable. They were able to pet goats, rabbits, chickens and a rooster. Ella rode a pony and a little train ride. Evan was too scared for either. However, he was convinced that he'd enjoy riding the mechanical bull. After the 5th time he broke in line, the 'crowd' allowed him to skip and be put on the bull. Did he like it? Did he ride for 8 seconds? No. More like 'Hey Mom, look at me! Ok, I'm done!' He had a blast in the moonbounce, as did Ella. She was VERY upset when I told her we were leaving...she wanted to ride the bull. Maybe next time. Evan was too tired to argue about leaving...he fell asleep on the way home. Now they are both resting comfortably in their beds - and I'm about to put my feet up!


Lorrie said...

Wow. You're fast at posting! The pictures are too cute. I am definately adding your site to my list of favorites. So Donald got to go to Amsterdam, how fun! I'll be interested to hear about his trip. I know it is a strange world over there.


Anonymous said...

So cute! and YAY only 1 more!