Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Four days until Donald leaves...and I'm dreading it. The kids and I will have to take him to the airport Monday morning. The last time I took him to the airport for a trip, not quite this long, was four years ago and I bawled like a excuse is that I was pregnant at the time. Maybe I won't cry...but maybe I will.
I received a few great compliments today about our children. Smart. Well-behaved. And I'll say it long as they're well-behaved for everyone else, I can deal with them driving ME crazy!! :)
I've started planning Evan's 2nd birthday party. I designed his invitations last night. Tomorrow the kids and I will drive to 'town' to investigate a new park as the potential party location. I love celebrating the kids' birthdays...for now it seems to go exactly how I like it...another year or two and they'll be planning it! (Ella has already decided that she wants a pony party).
The turtle, Jonathan Michael (Ella named him), is still in the backyard. I took a bowl of water out there along with some apples (what do you feed a turtle? Guess I should google that), but it doesn't seem impressed with my hospitality...or lack of. Ungrateful freeloader.

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