Monday, October 8, 2007

14 sleeps...

Fourteen...that's how many *night-nights* we have until we will see Donald again. The kids and I took him to the airport this morning. I did so well...until he was saying goodbye to Evan, then I melted...but only a little. Evan is learning so many things SO quickly these days and I just imagine him being totally different when Donald returns. He has always said that Evan is different after his little 5 day trips...this is 14! He'll certainly have a bigger, more clear vocabulary by then (my baby is almost TWO!), and he's really close to catching Ella in height - he's been her weight for a while now - so I guess I just got sappy knowing that Donald will miss some things. The kids didn't get upset about the parting. Ella had a good time *spotting* airplanes. Evan always has fun singing in the car, which is amazing, he has a great memory. As we left, I heard grumblings of hunger in the air, so I took my pity party and splurged on lunch at the Cracker Barrel. We don't live close to a CB so I knew I just had to indulge. It's pretty at lunch with two little ones. So many people watched us eat...I mean, it was like we were the entertainment. Don't misunderstand, the kiddos were good. People weren't gawking at us because Evan was dancing on the table or anything (yet, I'm sure that he would, given the chance). They colored, they played with the little golf-tee game and they ate fairly well...yet we were still an *attraction*. A few folks told me the kids were precious, one said 'He sure is a BIG boy!' and another older couple told me they were reminded of their grand-children. Then there's the one who let the door nearly slam on us...what a gentleman...guess he wasn't impressed by my sweet, beautiful babes. The nerve of him. ((snubbing nose, ha)) Oh well. Maybe I won't comfort myself with food everyday while Donald's gone...then he'd be surprised at what Evan AND I gained while he was gone!! :)

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