Monday, November 26, 2007

A great little something for the kids...

This little piggy is one of the gifts our kids will be receiving this year. It's called the Money Savvy Piggy Bank. We are most excited that Ella will soon have a chore list and an allowance. We want her to learn how to be wise with money at an early age. We think this is going to be a fun tool to use in teaching her what she should do with her allowance.

Evan won't care for a while...but rest assured...that one will have chores before long!!

Thought I'd share our little find!!

Happy shopping!


Kellan said...

This is so cute! All my kids love banks and have always saved their money - good idea. See you.

Lorrie said...

Great idea! My kids are ingrained with Dave Ramsey. Need I say more.
You are not the only one who seems to be suffering with this food issue. Today for lunch I had a few celery sticks with Ranch. I really do like celery. It's a craving I accrued when pregnant with Alex that never went away. Then I finished off the chocolate pie and peanut butter pie, with the help of the kids. Who needs nutritious food, when your kids will love you more for giving them a sweet treat everynow and again. Right? I just have to be prepared for the rush that will hit soon.
Wal-mart! Oh Wal-Mart! I would have done the exact same thing if some woman had started speaking that way to me in Wal-Mart, unless lead by the Holy Spirit. That's the only way God can work through me, as I usually turn tail and run. Aren't you glad that God accomplishes his goals. Even when we fail, He doesn't.

Fresh Girl said...

What a great idea! Where did you find that? My nephew has a piggy bank, but not one that specific. ;)