Wednesday, November 28, 2007

When you don't see your grandchildren very often...'ll let them get away with lots of abnormal things...complete with Hanes bunny ears.
Dad, you are such a sport. Sorry about all the skin that was removed when you ripped those stickers off your face. Your grandbabies love you SO're a real trooper!


Kellan said...

How funny. Your dad looks so young and your daughter is just adorable. What a cute picture.

Anonymous said...

Sweeet- I made the front page!

and kellan? "Your dad looks so young.." Bless you my dear. :-)

See? I tried to tell ya'll that I wasn't over the hill yet. (haha)

I sure do love the horsey and trouble... ;-)


Anonymous said...

your dad looks exactly the same as i remember him looking (years ago)! he ages well!!! funny that "kellan" said the same thing!

love those grandparents!!