Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's Thanksgiving!!

Wow, it’s Thanksgiving. A time to wear pants that are a size too big so you can eat until you nearly explode. A time to search the sale papers in hopes of finding an unbeatable deal on the latest gadget. A time to see family…and play annoying games like Catch Phrase. (My family doesn’t play this game without arguing. It’s coming. Sigh.)

This year, I want to be sure not to take for granted the blessings I have in my life. If I could count my blessings and name them one by one, I’d do it. I just know that I am blessed beyond measure.

I ‘blog-lifted’ the acrostic idea below…and I’m thankful for finding this post to lift it from.

T-ime! Time with loved ones. I have been given another wonderful year with all of my family. I wish that all family members would participate in being a family…there’s so much love to be shared. It is a blessing to have a great family.

H-usband! My husband has gotten a lot of attention lately, with his trip to India and his milestone birthday. It is so sweet to watch him with the kids. It is so cool to know that he’s ‘The Man’ at work. It is so fortunate that he puts up with me. He is an awesome husband…I think I’ve made that pretty clear!

A-mazing Grace. I’m so grateful to God for sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to pay my debt.
Ephesians 2:8

N-o broken bones. I think our kids are sort of clumsy…Evan more so than Ella. It’s a GREAT blessing that we haven’t had to go to the ER with him…YET! I am completely aware that the day is coming…I just hope hubs is in town when it happens!!

K-ids. Oh my precious children…a true gift from God...a reward. I am SO thankful to have them…even though we’d like to rip each other’s lips off sometimes, they are really great, smart, FUNNY young’uns and I love them dearly.

F-riends. Friends are the ‘family’ you pick for yourself. My friends listen when I need to vent, help in a pinch and give me honest feedback in any situation. I have some amazing friends!

U-nforgettable memories. Sure, sometimes it’s annoying when you mess up ONE little time and everyone remembers it…but sometimes it’s down right funny to rehash certain moments. At every family gathering, these issues come up: “Who made the mashed potatoes this time…they don’t taste like a salt-lick” – from the time the salt measurement was WAY over measured. “Watch your glass, a roll may land in it” – when ‘pass me a roll’ got exciting! “Toss me your keys, no wait, don’t” – from the time tossing said keys resulted in a broken light fixture. “I never get to sit on a tray” – from when my cousin expressed disappointment over having to sit at the boring adult table…again. “Watch your krispy treat, she likes to snatch’em” – I may have taken ‘candy from a baby’ – but it was my husband I snatched it from, honest!! Please notice that, with the exception of telling on myself in the last topic, I have protected the identities of whom these things happened to…I’d hate to embarrass someone!

L-aptop!! I got a laptop over the weekend and I’m SO excited! Now I don’t have to ‘abandon’ the kids to check email and/or blog during the day!! YAY me!

May God bless you and yours this day. Happy Thanksgiving!!


Kellan said...

Yay for the laptop!!! I liked all the great Thanksgiving things you are thankful for - I have lots too. Hope you had a good day. Take care. Kellan

Fresh Girl said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you and your family had a wonderful day together. :)

Lorrie said...

I agree, friends are the family you chose for yourself. I would be lost without my friends.
I would love to be a fly on the wall at your family gatherings. It sounds like you guys do a lot of laughing (the best sound ever). And laughing at yourself makes life so much easier.
Laptop- ohh I'm coveting! My computer is a dinosaur. And I too have to abandon my kids to use the thing. Even though mine are older, I still feel disconnected when I am out of the room for a while. And since the dinosaur is on dial-up, it literally takes a while. A long while. Enjoy your laptop!
Again, Happy Thanksgiving!