Monday, December 10, 2007

Game On!

Oh Christmas Wii, Oh Christmas Wii,
You are so hard to locate.
Oh Christmas Wii, Oh Christmas Wii,
To find you would be so great!

People, people, people.
We bought a Wii in September. Why? After all, I have never been a gamer and really had no desire to introduce the kids to TV gaming. We got our Wii because we had played one at our friend’s house, had a blast and became addicted. I realized that the Wii is not your normal ‘sit-on-your-rearend-and-only-use-your-thumbs’ system. Donald had gotten a bonus from work, so we figured we’d do something fun, not just something we should do. We went to Wal-mart after church one night and bought the last one they had. If only we had known what people would now be willing to pay for one, we would’ve invested in a few more to make several hundred bucks. Seriously, ebayers are making good money selling Wiis. We feel fortunate to have gotten our Wii when we did! It comes with a sports game that has bowling, baseball, tennis, boxing and golf. Our little young’uns love to bowl…they can nearly do it by themselves! Family Wii time is so much fun!

Best wishes to all of you Wii hunters…including someone in my family…keep your eyes peeled folks. ‘Wii’ still need one more Wii in the family!!

Wii, wii!


ToolMan007 said...


Please control yourself - you are NOT french. (at least not as far as I know) ;-)

paris is calling said...

you are too much!


Fresh Girl said...

Walmart's where we got the one we're giving my brother and SIL, too! I'd like one, but I'd settle for getting to play with theirs once in a while. ;)

Kellan said...

They are hard to find. I have a friend that has waited too long to find one for her son - and I think she is just out of luck until after Christmas - it happens. Have fun with yours - see ya. Kellan

Noodle said...

Yep. Trust me. It's nearly impossible! I've been on the search for a friend for three weeks with no luck. I decided in early November that I was getting one next year. :)

Noodle said...

If you don't mind getting one of the $600 bundles, try wiitracker.

I would have been able to get one of those bundles twice yesterday. The person who wants it vetoed though, since he didn't want the games.