Saturday, December 8, 2007


...regarding my two previous posts.

1. Brickle bits are sort of toffee-like can find them near the toffee bits and chocolate chips in the baking aisle.

2. I have a zit. Just a smidge ironic since I JUST posted about my lovely skin! LOL

Three Christmas parties down, one to go. I'm pooped people!! We've played the 'Dirty Santa' game at each of the parties so far. Dirty? It's dirty because you get to steal gifts. Stealing is encouraged, it's fun and it keeps the game going. Everyone brings a gift. Numbers are drawn based on how many gifts there are. The person with #1 picks a gift and opens it. Person #2 can either snatch what #1 opened or pick a new on and so on. A gift can only be stolen once per #/round. Last night there were 32 gifts. That means a gift could be stolen 31 times (since #1 must start fresh). I drew #17 and Donald drew #30. The strategy is to keep snatching stuff that people are excited about, so that in the end, someone will take that item from you and you'll get to pick what you really want and no one can take it from you. I kept snatching movie passes, a gift card to hobby lobby and a gift card to Chilis, and Donald did the same. When the last person snatched the movie passes from Donald, he took my hobby lobby card and I took someone else's Chilis card...and they couldn't be stolen from us...GAME OVER!! Yay, dinner and shopping!!

Today I had a Christmas party with my scrapbooking buddies. We all brought our craft-related gifts and the game was on. I had the last number!! I was able to choose whatever I wanted! Yeeha! I went for a gift card to Archivers...I didn't want to grab the stuff that I could buy for myself with my Hobby Lobby card. I've yet to visit Archivers because my wallet is scared. I'm sure I'd find way too many things in there that I just 'can't live without'. I haven't been scrapping a lot lately...I'm sort of just a collector of supplies for now...but eventually I'll get it in gear again. Now I have a gift card to this dream store and maybe it'll be a little less painful when I take the plunge.

The other party we went to today was for our Sunday School class. We actually teach a kindergarten SS class so we're unable to go to this class, but they have graciously let us be honorary members for about six years now. We try to go to their socials and sort of keep up with everyone. We played the swap game tonight, for Christmas ornaments. The first item I chose was a snowman...I stole it and it was quickly stolen from me. I went for a new gift...I have the worst poker face ever...the ornament was a homemade, glitter-covered pine cone. My face must've been priceless. Everyone was rolling as I looked how ever I looked and said 'It's a p.i.n.e.c.o.n.e.' with very little enthusiasm. I'm terrible!! It was a nice little gag, but I ended up with the 'real' ornament they had in their car...a nice candy-filled ornament. Beats a pinecone anyday.

I think I should work on my poker face.


pinecone lover said...

ok, i figured the brickle bits must be like toffee bits...sorry about the zit...isn't that ironic? don't ya think?

tee hee

and i love pinecones! i have a big ol'basket of them (some GORGEOUS ones from the condo at sandestin...)but no glitter! they are "au naturel."

ta ta to the social butterfly!

laura : )

Fresh Girl said...

Ooo, your parties and all that Dirty Santa playing sound like fun! We played that, except we called it Yankee Swap, at our chocolate party yesterday. It WAS fun!

Everybody should go to Archiver's at least once. It's enough to make you drool on yourself! And they do have a fabulous selection, but they are at least twice as expensive as Hobby Lobby, so I think the only time I'll be going to Archiver's is when somebody gives me a gift card. ;)

Kellan said...

You are a party animal!! They all sounded really fun, but I can see why you might be tired. Hope you have a good afternoon, see you soon, Kellan

bricklebits! said...

i think i'm going to make the brickle bars for my MDO ladies and the vet's office...wish me luck! : )


bricklebitz bonanza said...

ugh == WELL, so i go to schnucks at lunch and i think they have EVERY other bag of heath-related product except the brickle i went with some kind of milk chocolate toffee bits made by heath that i guess will just have to do. can't go wrong with chocolate on anything though in my opinion.
am i driving you crazy yet with these dumb brickle bits comments???

you'll never guess who. ; )