Friday, December 21, 2007

There once lived a can opener...

I don’t remember the day.
I don’t remember the time.
I don’t remember the can.
I do remember that the can opener did not work.
I remember that Dad tried over and over to get the can opened.
Was the can opener on strike?
Dad was hotter than fire.
What happened next will never leave my memory.

That can opener, it should’ve worked, and since it didn’t; it never would again.
It didn’t even get a ‘last meal’.
It lost a battle...with…my dad’s huge fist.

His fist flew threw the air and landed on that can opener. POW!
There must have been a million pieces of that thing on the floor.

Today, it’s one of those hilarious, memorable moments that I share with my dad.
But that day…that day was NOT the day to laugh. R.I.P. can opener.

Today is my dad’s birthday. He will be here Christmas Eve and I’m super excited. He stayed with us last Christmas Eve and it was really cool to share Christmas morning with him. My kiddos will be so happy to wake up to Papa Tom AND new goodies!!

Happy Birthday, Dad!!
(with much love from Ella, too!!)

See you Monday!


ToolMan007 said...

Rub it in - rub it in... hahahaha
It really WAS a stupid can dare it decide not to work.

Can opener = $9.95

Pork n' beans = $.33

Lasting memories = Priceless.

Love you too LD... and tell Keeg I said hey. Be there Monday with bells on.


ToolMan007 said...

EEEEEK- what a mug!!! ... looks just like her momma!

hahaha ...(did I teach her that?)


Kellan said...

That is a funny story - Happy Birthday to you Dad!! Hope you enjoy your visit and I love that picture of your beautiful daughter sticking out her tongue - too cute. Have a great day - you and you Dad! See ya. Kellan

Kellan said...

BTW - you know today is my sister's Birthday - that's pretty cool!

Fresh Girl said...

I've wanted to do that to a few can openers in my lifetime myself, so I can understand! ;)

Happy birthday to your dad! Hope y'all have a wonderful Christmas together. :)

jennwa said...

Cute story.
Happy Birthday to your Dad!!!!

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Isn't it funny how things like that stay with you forever? Funny story! Happy birthday to your Dad, and hope you all have a great visit together! (BTW, love the picture! I'd like to make that face at some people when I'm driving in traffic! :) )

Lorrie said...

Has anyone told you, you have the cutest kids, EVER!
Happy Birthday to your dad!
I love that you all can look back and laugh at things like that.


Kellan said...

Hey - Merry Christmas, my friend - to you and your beautiful family. See you soon. Kellan