Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Dancer and The Beast

We signed our Ella up for dance classes on Monday. There were several other new little girls there...all adorable...even the one with the black eye.

She went right in, after asking us a dozen times if we were going to stay there, and began to follow directions. There was a window for us to take a peek, but it was much too risky. Things would fall apart if we were busted spying on her. She still came out a time or two and had one little episode of crying jitters, but overall, she did well and had a great time.

It all happened really fast, I could not linger, as her separation would be that much harder. I only got one little picture of her before they closed the door...

Evan was with me and very unhappy that he couldn't go in. At the birthday party we attended there Saturday, he was allowed in the room...and he even danced with the girls. Shh...daddy wasn't there so we let him!! He just couldn't accept the harsh reality that the class is for girls.

The cure? CheezIts. Feed him and he's good.


DG said...

Your kids so remind me of my friend's kids...she has moved out of the country so I miss them, and funnily enough miss being called "Auntie!"

You watch, your daughter is gonna be a famous ballerina one day:)

Lorrie said...

Oh the things we do for our kids.
We have done dance, soccer, softball, baseball, basketball, football, piano. It will never end. No wonder I color my hair. It's really neat though finding out which way your kid is bent through the process. :)

Beth said...

I've been thinking about signing my little girl up for dance lessons but just have done it yet.

Hope she enjoyed it!

And yes...Cheezits will work wonders!

jennwa said...

I know Ella will love dance class. She looks so adorable.
I like a kid you can feed and they will be happy.

Kellan said...

How cute! She will love it, once she feels more comfortable. And that little Evan - what a cutie pie! Take care. Kellan

Kellan said...

Hey - Thanks so much for leaving the encouraging comment - you have definitely been a good friend and I always look forward to seeing you. I am always here to support you as well and appreciate your constant support of me - you make me laugh and I love those babies of yours!! Take care. Kellan

Fresh Girl said...

Yup, Cheez-Its work on me, too...especially the White Cheddar ones! Yummy!

Noodle said...

"the harsh reality"

That so cracked me up! :)