Saturday, February 2, 2008

There they went...they're outta here!

My twenties. They're over. Finished. Gone.

Today is my 30th birthday. There. I've said it. Now you know. Eh, it's just a number.

I decided to do something dorky to 'celebrate' me...cause that's me, the dorky 30 year old.

I tried to come up with something I could remember about each year of my life. It wasn't possible. There were a couple years where nothing came to mind. And there was some guessing to those of you who may know the 'real' year that something happened, do not correct me. Let me be right. It's my birthday for heaven's sake!

1978 – I was born in Florida, then moved to Tennessee.
1979 – I suppose this is when I learned to walk, talk and hate veggies.
1980 – I imagine I was potty trained during this year (?)
1981 – I showed off my Wonder Woman jammies.
1982 – I think I caught my first catfish; my parents split up.
1983 – I learned to ride a bike.
1984 – I’m pretty sure this was the year I got my first pair of glasses.
1985 – I went to Disney World with my maternal grandparents.
1986 – I must have been in a coma this year, I remember nothing.
1987 – I became a Christian; I lived on the same street as my future husband, we knew all the same kids, but not each other.
1988 – I think this year evaporated, I remember nothing.
1989 – I moved in with my Dad.
1990 – I won the 6th grade spelling bee…beating the future hubby.
1991 – I began playing sports at school.
1992 – I took a pottery class at the Memphis College of Art.
1993 – I got un-granny-fied...out with the HUGE plastic frames, in with the smaller wire frames.
1994 – I had my first slumber party for my 16th birthday, got my driver’s license, my first job and started dating my husband-to-be.
1995 – I played Junior Olympic Softball.
1996 – I graduated from High School and my dad graduated from college; I started college.
1997 – I took college algebra in summer school because I dropped the class I was failing in the spring; I bungee jumped!!
1998 – I drove out west with my dad, stopping at Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore and the Four Corners (to name a few places) for him to drop me off at my pen pal’s home for a week to attend her graduation; I had my wisdom teeth extracted; I went to a Yanni concert; I bought my first brand new car, red Ford Escort.
1999 – I moved into a college campus apartment for my last year of school; I got engaged!
2000 – I won a trip to Cancun; I graduated from college; we bought a house; we got married!
2001 – I began my scrapbooking addiction.
2002 – I went to D.C., Vegas, St. Louis and got a dog.
2003 – I announced my pregnancy at my paternal grandparents’ 50th Anniversary party (actually, it was after the party…I didn’t want to completely steal their thunder!)
2004 – I had my first baby!
2005 – I had my second baby! (and got rid of the dog!)
2006 – I took my kids to the beach (not by myself, but you see, every other statement has started with ‘I’)
2007 – I went on my first cruise and took a trip to HAWAII!
2008 – I bid farewell to my twenties!

That's it. (dusts off hands) There's my little birthday celebration post.

This was fun for me; I hope I didn't bore you!

If I did, I'm not sorry. Because it's my day and I'll bore you if I want to.

(ooo, is there a new kind of sass that comes with being 30??)

Happy Birthday to me!


jennwa said...

Happy 30th Birthday!!!!!!
I do not think I could do that. There is so many years I do not think I could come up with anything. That was a great idea and we all get to know you a little better.
I loved Wonder Woman too.

Heather said...

Wow, you are 3 1/2 years younger than me. :) Happy Birthday!

Very fun list.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Honey!!! I love you and I'm glad the kids and I are littered throughout your "30 Years Post". Imagine what the list will look like at 60 :-)

Love you lots,

Noodle said...

Happy birthday!! I hope it was fabulous!

Photo Purse Boutique said...

Happy Birthday!!! You are so good.Gosh what a great memory for 30. ha ha

Photo Purse Boutique said...

Happy Birthday! You are so good, I cant believe you remember all that at 30. Have a wonderful rest of the day and trip.

Fresh Girl said...

Awww, happy birthday, Tina!! I hope you've had a great day. Thirty is a wonderful age. It's when I finally felt like an official grown-up. ;)

Are You Serious! said...

Happy Birthday!

Laura M said...

A belated happy birthday!!!

Lorrie said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Yes, there is a new sass that comes with thirty. You'll love your thirties, enjoy them.
Just to let you know, the year you moved in with your dad, eighth grade I believe, I was about to graduate high school. Yikes.

ToolSmartz said...

Happy (Late) Birthday baby girl.

Yes, I'm S-L-O-W.

Now you know where you got you dorkiness from. :-)

Love you!

Angi said...

Happy Birthday! So far, my 30's have been my best years - enjoy!

Brittany said...

aww happy bday! I hope you had a wonderful day! :)

The Boyds Family said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Great Birthday post; I would steal it for my next b-day but I don't think I could remember THAT MANY things about myself. ha!