Monday, February 4, 2008

Stock Up On Bean-o...please!

Have I ever mentioned how I much I detest...toots...poots...'little rippers'...dutch ovens...a.k.a. flatulance?? I am no fan of being around folks who pass gas for fun, or otherwise, really. I don't think it's funny. I.DO.NOT.WANT.TO.HEAR.IT! I hate it. HATE it. Why? I don't want to call anyone out, but let's just say I grew up with:

"Hey, did you see that elephant?"

"Pull my finger."

"Did you hear that frog?"

"Did I just step on a duck?"

Hubby found this story for me today. YAY!!! Can we get this passed everywhere? Maybe even written into marriage vows. (For the record, my husband loves me so much that he doesn't not bestow his gases upon me...can't speak of what he may do out of the house, though!)

Disclaimer: I am a little discriminate; my kids get a pass on this. They are sort of funny when they poot and giggle or make bubbles in the tub...if you could just hear how little Evan says 'I tooted''s hard not to laugh. But I've got to come up with an age limit on this. and quick!

Note: Donald does get jealous of the kids...he says "If I did that, you'd put me outside!"

How do you feel about gas?

****Have I ever mentioned that I have an older brother???****


Alicia said...

That rocks! I wish I could impose a ban in my house! See you back at the LEW; thanks for befriending me. :)

Heather said...

Hubby and I feel the same way about boy functions--keep it to yourself. Not so the crowd of guy gamers who hang out at our house on Saturdays. The kids burb a lot but no flatulence. :)

Brittany said...

I think this is the first "gas passing" post I've ever read. I'm not sure how I feel about tooting. But I live with all boys... so I think I'm in trouble.

Are You Serious! said...

I think it's a nasty thing. But like you when my little kids do it it's pretty funny. However my 7 year old no way! She knows it's not polite to do it infront of people!

Nap Warden said...

Hate it, and I have a Husband who's a ripper:(

Laura M said...

you would die at our times, a greyhound toot necessitates total evacuation.

Kellan said...

I'm exactly like you - I don't even like to say any of the words associated with it - I think it is the rudest thing to talk about or joke about - I hate it!! Take care - Kellan

Shannon said...

I think it's funny when Emmerson does it because it sounds so adult-like.
I DO NOT think it's funny that my fifth grade boys do it..EVERY.DAY! I thought that news story was funny and wish that we did that at our school. Instead, we've told them that if we see them leaning over intentionally and pushing out, they'd get a check. All the other kids are soooo over it and I am too! I just tell them to ignore it and not even recognize it. If they laughed, they got a check. Hopefully, they will get tired of doing it since they won't get any attention from it. It has decreased some..not enough though.
Whew! You hit a hot topic apparently!

Fresh Girl said...

It gets big laughs at our house...always has. My poor SIL has had to learn to live with it. ;) Though we do control ourselves in public and when the uninitiated are guests here. hee! At home though, when we're alone, let 'er fly!

ToolSmartz said...

I'm sure glad I never did anything like that - you'd probably tell everyone about it.

PS - don't say anything about the kid in the Kroger store. :-)