Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Four and Fabulous

Four years ago today, we welcomed our beautiful daughter, Ella, into this world. She was a little anxious to get here...she arrived 3+ weeks early. She was a wonderful baby without major troubles to speak of. We fell in love with our little girl!

"Miss Piggy" - 10 days old

We had a wonderful first year together. She loved to be rocked and snuggle. Anyone could make her laugh. Daddy could make everyone laugh by holding her in the air and giving her a little shake to make those sweet cheeks jiggle with joy. She learned to walk before her birthday and was a big fan of grilled cheese sandwiches and green beans (two things she won't eat now).

One Year Old

Before Ella turned two, she was already a big sister. She loved Dora - we even went to a live Dora show for her birthday. She knew all of her colors. She knew how to count. She could tell you how to spell her name...she even learned how to write it when she was 2 1/2. This was the year she potty trained, yay! She learned Luke 2:6-14 and recited it by memory at Christmas.

Two Years Old

At 3, Ella was Miss Independant. She could write anything you'd tell her how to spell, sound out the letters, learned lots of opposites and how to ride a scooter. She became infatuated with horses and acting like a horse. She became a pro Wii bowler...strike! She began an ugly bout of separation anxiety...and we're still working our way out of that stage.

Three Years Old

Today, our four year old snuck into the living room and found her birthday present without us even knowing she was up. Is this what we have to look forward to?? I do believe she thinks she is grown now...

Fabulously Four

We love you, sweet girl!

Happy Birthday!!

Love, Mommy & Daddy


Anonymous said...

Happy 4th Birthday Ella! Wishing you all a wonderful day. Naturally the weather is PPPPPERFECT today. I can't wait to get off work and take the kids outside to play.

Fresh Girl said...

Oh, that pig picture is just precious! What a cutie pie she is! Happy Birthday, Ella, and congratulations to you, Tina, for having a four year old. ;)

Hope she has fun playing with that dollhouse!

Kelli said...

Tell her your imaginary friend says happy birthday and that she is very beautiful.

Kellan said...

She is the most beautiful girl, Tina!! Happy Birthday Ella - I hope she has the best time ever!!! Have fun - Kellan

rthling said...

Has it really been FOUR YEARS??? Wow! Does time fly, or what? Happy Birthday, Ella! And Tina, Hailey loves it when I thank her every year for making me a Mommy. It's kinda our thing, but you can borrow it if you like. =)

Anonymous said...

yay! sweet post...happy birthday!!

The Boyds Family said...

It's so hard to believe she's already four. They grow up so fast!!

Happy Birthday Sweet Ella!

Brittany said...

Oh wow! She is just too cute!!
Happy Birthday, Ella!

jennwa said...

Happy Birthday Ella !!!!

The Marbrys said...

Happy 4th Birthday Ella!!! We had a blast at your pony party...thanks for the invite!!!

It just seems like yesterday I was holding her for the first time (and Carter was 'kicking' her to say hello and couldn't wait to meet her 9 weeks later) :-)

I love the year by year pictures and info!!!

We love you Ella!!!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Birthday's are so fun! She's so dang cute too! I love the name Ella by the way! I was debating between Emma and Ella but we could only agree on Emma.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Ella! Four years! Sneaky girl. :) She looks a lot older between her third and fourth year pictures. It seems like the three year old picture is how I last remember seeing her, but I just saw her last week at church. Hmmm. Weird.

Lori said...

Happy Birthday Ella!!! May you have a blessed day!

Hope Anna AKA your "twin"

Vashonnte said...

awww she is so beautiful! i love your blog! Happy Birthday Ella!