Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Using my creative juices...& a little nerdiness

I think I've always had a creative bug. I can't remember a time when I haven't enjoyed crafts of all kinds. I've done all sorts of things. I've taken pottery and painting classes. I've made beaded Christmas ornaments. I've tried cross-stitching. I've painted ceramics at Paint-A-Piece. I've had a hand in a few mural-type projects. I've masterminded two adorable children's rooms. I make diaper bag tags. I've been scrapbooking for years...and that is still my love.

But then came blogging. It's therapeutic and a great way to keep friends and family updated on the latest happenings and meet new people

This blog thing comes with some pretty basic layouts...and I tire of them easily. I love changing the look of my site...it's my prerogative. When I got bored with simply changing the colors and fonts, I grew a desire for an overhaul. The first time I redesigned completely was a result of stumbling across a blog that led me to Blogger Buster. This site gave me instructions on editing HTML codes for several areas of my blog. I loved that first design.

As I wandered around the net, though, I saw many other designs that I liked. I am pretty sure that some of them wouldn't be very easy for me to learn, but the ones that look like scrapbook pages, well, that is something I just had to figure out how to do!

I asked Melissa where she got her backgrounds and how she did her page. She pointed me in the direction of Shabby Princess for free digital scrapbooking downloads, but from there, she really couldn't help me much because she uses PhotoShop. I don't have PhotoShop. But...I do have a program called GIMP. I've heard it defined as 'the poor man's PhotoShop', it's a free download. Right up my alley! I used it to create my first redesign...by the hair on my chinny chinny chin, ugh. I'm not sure how I figured that program out - and I'm far from knowing it completely - but I've learned enough to accomplish my goal.

I created my header and then learned to install it, along with the backgrounds, using instructions from SJH Blog Design.

I'm very happy that I've learned how to do what I wanted...but I didn't want to forget what I learned. And since I would drive everyone crazy if I changed my look every other day, I decided to help out a friend of mine. I corrupted Yvette into a blog-addict and she mentioned a while back that she'd like a new look. Her site is my 2nd creation...I'm really proud of it. (be sure to click her name to go see her new 'do!)

Yvette and Noodle have become bloggin' buddies. When Yvette's new look appeared, Noodle commented and found out that I had done the deed. I think it shocked surprised her. And so, talks began for me to redesign her blog. Go have a looksee, I'll wait...[whistling]...you're back? Do you like it?? I'm proud of that one, too.

Actually, I fear that now Yvette and Noodle look better than me! I'm certain that I'll be redoing my header soon. Afterall, I did mine first and now I know more stuff.


I mentioned above that I make diaper bag tags. My tags have also been used as music case tags, luggage tags and backpack tags. Most recently I did some to be used as Easter basket tags...have a look!!


Are You Serious! said...

♥ I want to see pictures of your kids rooms! I'm always looking for ideas! :)

Amy said...

You had me at "free digital scrapbooking downloads".:)
You are very talented. I will have to check those sights out again.
I'm thankful I know who to go to if I have any questions too.:)
Thanks for the info my new Bloggin Buddy.:)

Angie said...

I'm gonna check those out. I want to change my look, but know not much and don't want to spend the money on Photoshop. I couldn't believe how much Photoshop was. I like all 3 of those blogs you helped with.


rthling said...

Oh, I am SO jealous!!! I want a new page! (whiney vice) Can you come over for dinner some time and teach me? I am so computer illiterate. I am really not a nerd. (did I just call you a nerd?) oops, sorry.
PS. my word verification below is "auduk." Auduk: exclamation; meaning what you say to your duck when it has pooped on your foot.

Tiffany Stuart said...

Love your blog design. And the pics of the kids...

Kelli said...

Oh beautiful. Can I get in line for a new header? You are very talented. I am just getting into this crafty stuff. I dont know how anyone does it with children.

lauramatthews said...

you are so crafty! my page is so BLAH. boo.

way to go crafty momma!

and hey -- a friend of mine is actually selling custom "blog design" services...in addition to bag tags, invitations, etc. this could be your new adventure...and you could make some $$$ too!

The Boyds Family said...

Yes; and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new look!!! (and Noodle's too) Waiting patiently for you to get bored again and offer to do my other one ;)

Hey! You gave me one of those name tags too when I was pregnant with CJ.

Noodle said...

LOL! Not shocked, but pleasantly surprised, since I'd told someone just that day that I wanted to find someone to spiff it up. :)

I really do love it!