Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday's Feast

When someone smiles at you, do you smile back?

Even if my mouth is full of food!

Describe the flooring in your home. Do you have carpet, hardwood, vinyl, a mix?

Carpet in bedrooms and den. Ugly linoleum in the kitchen. Decent looking linoleum in the bathrooms. Would probably redo it all if I could!

Write a sentence with only 5 words, but all of the words have to start with the first letter of your first name.

The tigers take turns typing.

Main Course
Do you know anyone whose life has been touched by adoption?

Yes, several!! One family had a baby girl in their home when the birth mother changed her mind. Weeks later, they were chosen to receive a little boy. It was a secret for a while…we were all ‘grieving’ the loss of the daughter, but surprise, there was a boy in store!! Praise God!

Name 2 blue things

My eyes…and yes, I have two of them.

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Have a great weekend!!



Are You Serious! said...

♡ I love these Friday's Feast's! :)

Bela said...

your answer for appetizer really put a smile on my face...

Mine is now serve. Hope you can have a bite.

Happy FF!

Amy said...

Smiling at you here in Crazyville with a mouth full of oatmeal.:)

Cindy Kraft said...

Good feast. Love reading them every Friday. Totally forgot about (T) adopting. Its truly a great story.

Princess Vien said...

I love your feast!

mine is up now. glad to see you back.

Happy FF!

Lorrie said...

I too have not only one but, yes you guessed it, two blue eyes!
These are so cute, how do I get one. Feast that is.

Kim said...

Great feast! I'm having fun reading everyone's Salad. How interesting they all are.

It's wonderful reading all the adoption stories.

Your dessert made me laugh. THANKS! :)

Come on over and feast with me.

Fresh Girl said...

Funny feast! Your appetizer, salad and dessert all made me laugh. ;)

Kelli said...

I love friday feasts, we learn so much more about you. Thanks for sharing

Sniz said...

My eyes...see I have two of them. Classic! Great FF!

Be well and have a great weekend!


Yvette said...

I love your feasts....maybe one day soon I'll play too. 'til then...Happy Friday!!

Heather said...

Just stopping by to say have a blessed Mother's Day.

The Boyds Family said...

Hey Tina! I hope you are having a wonderful mother's day!!!

When you get a minute, run over to my babbling blog. I tagged you for a meme - no pressure. Let me know if you want to play...

Talk to you soon!