Thursday, May 8, 2008

Several Things for Thursday

Hubs and I have donated blood for quite some time...since he has never had to take a break to be pregnant, he has given well over 3 gallons...I've only given a little over 1 gallon. It's a great thing to do; we know we're helping someone out there.

I've always wanted to do a little more. I am a registered organ donor, but since I have to die to do that, I'm left with wanting to do something I can do now.

You guys know that I keep up with Nate and Tricia at Confessions of A CF Husband...wonderful things are happening for that family. It's amazing! Anyway, the other day, Nate had a post about being a bone marrow donor. Donald and I have considered this in the past, but there are fees involved just to get on the registry. Nate's post told me that the fees to register are being waved in honor of Mother's Day. Yay!! I hopped right over to the
National Marrow Donor Program website and got registered. When hubs got home from work, he did the same. For free! We are waiting on information packets which will include the things we need to send in a tissue sample (a swab from the inside of a cheek) so we can be officially listed on the donor registry. How cool would it be to help someone in need?

The fees are being waved for the first 10,000 people to sign up until the 19th! Hurry, do it now!!


Yesterday I received some Good Mail from Brittany!

Thanks for the treats, Brittany! :)

And in the world of children, it has become routine to play a game of Wii bowling before the kids go to bed nearly every night.

We were playing last night. The kids go first, then me, then Donald. Donald begins his bowling. I'm not paying much attention, but I hear Ella say 'Dad, I'm sorry I made your hair gray.'

I'm rolling!

He does have many a few gray hairs...and I believe he has joked with her that she has caused them...but it turned out that this is not what she was referring to.

She made him do a makeover on his Wii character and he has gray hair.

OH! I see.

Give it 10 years, dear, and you'll really be making daddy's hair gray!!



Brittany said...

SO great of you to donate blood!!! I always pass out, so I've stopped trying to donate. After three times of passing out, I had to decide it was a bad idea.

And, you're welcome! I know it wasn't much, but a little something nice is better than a BILL, in the mail! :)

Anonymous said...

i have terrible luck with donating good for you!

and, um, tell ella to look at PETER'S hair. man oh man...he's going to be totally gray in like a year! but, all the more handsome to me! : )
good thing...because i'm quite sure i'm the cause of it!

Kelli said...

when I went into give blood in Feb, I got the questionar thingy paperwork, then I just dropped it off and they swabbed my cheek. I have not heard anything but I dont know if I will or not unless they find a match. Anyway, great job on the "gallons" of blood.

PS to all your readers. My son needs a kidney (type O or B blood) and you all only need one to live. email me at if you want more info. Had to put that in, you never know when you will find a donor.

Amy said...

Kudos to you both for donating and for starting the new donation process!

My husband and I have both started getting "gray" hairs......Once Daniel hit twelve, they really started coming in.....:)

The Boyds Family said...

You and Donald are such great people!! Me?? notsomcuh but I do try...

Cute grey hair post and YAY for good mail. Hope to send some of my own good mail one day soon.

Are You Serious! said...

I need to donate blood! Good for you on the bone marrow! THat one scares me to DEATH! I've heard it's very painful! I'm such a wimp!

We tell our kids that they are why we have gray hair too! :)

Sara said...

I LOVE to give blood, but you're right. When pregnancy occurs so often (like in my house) you can't!! So great about the Bone Marrow. I registerd YEARS ago to be a donor (and then my husband scared me saying it HURTS like HOOWIE, but what does he knows?! He's never done it!). Anyway, do you know if you have to re-register? Or are you registered for life? I have an old card that says I am a donor. Hmm?

So funny about the Mii Hair!! I love the Wii. My son has created EVERY person he knows on the Mii channel. We have the postman (with gray hair). Brian's co-worker (with no hair). You gave me a great laugh this morning! :)

Anne said...

Tina, I am so encouraged to read this post and to hear that you and your husband joined the Registry! I am working with the National Marrow Donor Program on the "Thanks Mom" campaign. As you said, it is free right now to join the Registry so I urge everyone to do so - just go to

To "are you serious" and anyone else worried about the pain - recent developments in the marrow donation process have made it very different from what it used to be. Now, over 70 percent of donors donate through a method that is very similar to giving blood. People who have done it have told me that the worst thing is that you might be bored! I hope you will consider joining.

Anonymous said...

My eyes filled with tears when I read that you two signed up to be bone marrow donors! THANK YOU!

Donating blood is so wonderful I used to do it regularly but since I am now regularly pregnant ;) I can't.

I find it fabulous that we both blogged about being a donor on the same day!

Each person CAN make a difference.

MilePost13 said...

Thank you!