Thursday, May 22, 2008

Random Chit-Chat

I borrowed my kids' hands to make this sweet 'flower' arrangement a few days before Mother's Day. The idea came from Jennifer over at Ramblings of a Crazy Woman. She's a pretty crafty chick...she always has something fun for her kids to do, so when she posted her 'flowers' I told her that I must make some for myself. I love my flowers!

I did receive a beautiful assortment of tulips for Mother's Day...I failed to take a picture. They arrived that Friday before hubs came home from work. In the box with the flowers was a tiny box of Godiva chocolates. Funny thing is, somehow a piece of that chocolate was missing by the time he came home...hmmm...maybe the DHL guy ate it? I think you know better.

My Mother's Day gift was a gift certificate for a Spa Escape at a local salon. My awesome friend Debbie and I gave our husbands a subtle hint specific request for a spa package. Our appointment is on Monday because our husbands will be of work to stay home with the children. We are so excited! Facials and massages and pedicures, OH MY! A manicure is also included...I have terrible nails. Debbie has acrylic nails...nails that she should've had filled two weeks ago...but she's holding out for spa day. We both have chipping toe nail polish...but we're holding out for spa day. We both have tense mommy domestic engineer muscles...but we're holding out for our fabulous Spa massages. Oh I can't wait! Hurry up Spa Day!!
Ella has a dance recital on the 31st. I can't wait for dance to be over!! She is not always excited to go and it's not cheap. I never took any dance classes - there's no way I can mentor her in any way. I'm a sports girl. She's been coming to my softball games and has asked when I'm going to teach her how to play ball. Soon, because that, I can do!
We're going to dinner and a movie tonight...without kids! A date!! Donald works with children on Wednesday nights at church. For Christmas, the staff gave the teachers a restaurant gift certificate and a promise for a night of free babysitting. That night is tonight! I'm usually playing ball on Thursday nights, but we have a bye this game! I'm so glad we'll get to take advantage of Date Night. We're probably going out for a good steak...and I happen to know that hubs has already purchased tickets for the new Indiana Jones movie. Yippie!
One of my newest bloggy friends at Pink Explosion has had some really great posts this week about Saving that is. She's done a fantastic job sharing tips and now she has a little giveaway going on. Go see her, maybe you'll be interested in her freebie!
I just finished cutting the grass...the front AND back yards! Sometimes I just feel like helping hubby out. Sometimes I'd rather cut the grass than finish the laundry. I have not always been a lawn mower. That was a 'man's job'. Yea well. He helps with dishes and laundry. I can help with the yard. Now he won't have to cut it over our holiday weekend!

Do you ever cut the grass at your house? Do you do other special things to help hubby? (and I'm not talking about your chores...I'm talking about extras)



Cindy Kraft said...

Well..aren't you "wordy" for a Thursday. Yes I mow the lawn also but most of the time I do the weed eating and he mows. I hate weeds! Your flower hands are cute and I hope you & Debbie enjoy Monday.

Are You Serious! said...

♡ Yay for date night!!! I still need to cut the back yard! yuck! Not my favorite thing!

jennwa said...

The flower look great.

utmomof5 said...

LOVE the flowers!!! I may do that with mykids this weekend. Thanks for the good idea.

yea for free babysitting a dte with hubby! I sawe Indiana Jones last night, I really liked it -- Have a great night.

I should do more for my hubby around the house -- thanks for the reminder. :)

Brittany said...

A date AND a spa day! This is your week, woman! Enjoy it!!

The Boyds Family said...

Cute flower craft - we may have to give that one a try.

I used to cut the grass all the time - I would much rather do that than be inside cleaning - BUT my allergies have gotten too bad over the years and now I can't do it anymore.