Thursday, July 31, 2008

Because you haven't had enough...

...I will share more of our trip to the East.
If you missed the first installment, click here.
My babies loved all the kiddie rides Dollywood had to offer. The first one we tackled was a Dumbo-looking ride with elephants that lifted as they went know the kind. I was standing in line with hubs and the kids wondering if that ride would make me sick. I nearly walked away...I just wasn't sure. But no, I'd do it for my kids...after all, I had taken a pill that morning. And guess what?? No yacking at all!!
Kids are funny when they're waiting in line to ride. It's really hard to tell sometimes if you'll be on the next ride or have to wait again...and the kids really get bummed when they have to watch another round before they have a turn.
Have a look... caged animals. Licking their chops for a fantastic meal.
Oh babies. If that's the worst thing you were to ever endure, what a blessing!
Now there's a happy girl!

I tried and tried, to no avail, to get a nice picture of Evan in his duck...and the only one that was good was the one taken at the end where he is desperately trying to get unbuckled.

He is screaming, "Help! I can't do it!!!"

And when the kids sent us over the edge...there was punishment.

Believe it or not, there were actually no meltdowns or bratty fits...

They were simply feeding Mr. Ducky.

Watch out for the killer smiling bees!

Family photo op...just happened to be after the most drenching water ride Dollywood has to offer. The new River Battle.

I did not know until we got home that Evan is super cheesin' in this picture. What a silly boy.

A sweet picture of Ella...

We hired a couple of sitters Saturday night so we adults could go out of one peaceful meal. Peaceful. If you could only see this group together. We bring out the crazy in each other.

This is the group that had a contest to see who could make someone laugh so hard they'd pee in their pants. (I believe I won that contest.) This is the group that likes to pretend they don't know the others when around other people and pick a 'fight' with each other to freak those people out. (oh yes, it works.)

We had the best time.

It's our chance to act like children...without our children watching.

We ate at a place called The Farmer's Daughter. They have certain veggies, meats and desserts each day. You select two meats for the table to share and they bring out all the veggies for the table to share 'family-style'. It's all you can eat!! Yummy close to homecooking as possible, folks. And you get to top it off with your choice of dessert. I chose Peach Cobbler with ice cream and hubs had Chocolate Peanut Butter pie. It's a good thing we don't live anywhere near this place.

Before we left, we had a little photoshoot on the porch...

This is one of my favorite pictures of us ever!

In the end, Hubby and another guy in our group pretended to get in a fight over a checkers game. Checkers were flying...people were laughing. What a hoot!

And just when we thought the fun was coming to a close, we were headed out to the car when D pushed her husband into a sign in the parking lot. It was a nudge, really, but he milked it. He hit the ground and rolled in the gravel...all the while, my husband was kicking rocks on him. I am not kidding, there were about twenty people standing near the doors...and every one of them turned around to see what was happening. They stared, pointed and laughed...and that makes our day!

This post wouldn't be complete without showing you a picture of the 'twins'. Just before church Sunday morning, we sat them down for this little jewel.

They are so cute. Someone at church asked if they were cousins. It's very funny that they're not related at all...they both just happen to be gorgeous!

And just so you know how different my children are...
One of them does this in the car on the way home:

While the other does this:

We had a fantabulous time with our East TN Mountain-Dwellin' friends. The hospitality was amazing...and the company was even better!! Thank you SO much Mark & Lori for having us in your home.

(too bad Ella and I are prone to carsickness...we would have a very hard time living in the mountains!)



Cheryl said...

Love the antics of the "big kids". Sounds like a great time. You got lots of great pics.

Amy said...

What a great post!
I loved that picture of you and your hubby too.

Ella and her "twin" really do look related.

I used to love looking in the back seat after a long day of fun and see both of my kids all bent over like Evan; it's like they fell asleep as soon as the car was put in reverse.:)

I thought their necks would just snap off the way they were falling over.:)

I'm glad you had so much kiddie and grown up fun!

God Bless,

Cindy Kraft said...

Ya'll sound like crazy folks! lol Seems that you had a wonderful time and I would've been jealous about Dollywood but its a 100 degrees so I'll pass on that one. Great pic of you and Donald. Yep, you never know what your children are doing in a family photo until you download cheesy Evan

Brittany said...

We have not seen many photos of the Hubs before, have we? What a beautiful couple you are!!! :)

Ok- so the characters on those rides are a little on the creepy side. They have odd little faces. I know, I am weird. I was totally focusing on the scary characters and not your beautiful kids. haha.

Sara said...

OH! It just sounds like you guys had a blast!

That picture of you and your hubs is soooo great! You need to enlarge that and frame it. Oh! Who am I to tell you that? You already know!

BTW, my daughter and I get really bad car sickness too. What do you girls take? I know you mentioned you found something she could take? Tell me. Tell me! Tell me, now!!!! ;)

rthling said...

You guys are hilarious. We need to hang out sometimes.
P.S. I have a GREAT babysitter. I don't mind sharing...

JMBMOMMY said...

Oh, we miss Dollywood :) We lived in Knoxville for 3 years--just love TN!

Elaine A. said...

Sounds and looks like you had lots of fun. Glad you were able to go to dinner "kid-less." : )

I love that picture of you and your husband - very nice. And the family picture is great too.

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing your trip. I love me some Dolly and also love Dollywood. Your pictures are so great as always. Sounds like you all had a really nice time. I would love to see you all out and getting into fights - what fun!
See you tomorrow.