Monday, August 25, 2008

What should I expect out of a realtor??

I get that the housing market stinks right now. I mean, not just 'burnt toast' stink, but 'morning breath of a dead skunk' stink. It's bad.

We've been on the market for nearly six months. We've had a handful of showings that have resulted in nothing.

The realtor has listed the house online and put a sign in the yard with a few flyers.

Someone please tell me, because I just don't that it? Is that all any of them do??

Our realtor is moving herself. She asked if we would allow her realtor sister (WC) to take over the contract to sell our home. We were a bit hesitant to agree because we've never met this lady...and haven't been super impressed with her sister. WC called twice. Had her sister call us once. All in attempt to set up a time for us to speak with her about the listing.

I gave in. I decided that since she was persistent enough to keep calling to get the listing of our home, that maybe she'd work just as hard to sell it. So I agreed to meet her at 4pm this past Saturday.

Hubs and I straightened up the house. We planned our day around this 4pm meeting.

Four o'clock came.

Four o'clock went.

Four thirty went.

And so did Five o'clock.


Highly irritated, we headed out for dinner at 5:30pm.

My cell phone rang at 5:38pm. I answered and spoke with zero personality (not like me).

It was WC. She asked me if now was still a good time. What?!?!?!

Um, no. The 'good time' would've been an hour and a half ago which we agreed upon last Monday. Seriously?!

She said she had been showing property all day and had another listing. That my number was in her car and she just couldn't break away to call me.

I'm sorry. I highly disagree.

No one would've told her that she couldn't step outside for ONE minute to give us a call when she realized that she would be late. Or even 15 minutes after she realized she was already late, but an hour and a half with no word at all??


And then she asked if we could reschedule. Huh??!!!!

Um, nope. Not right now. Are you catching on that I'm not happy with you right now and you want me to give you another shot at making 6% commission?? Sure hope she sold something else that day...she's missed out on this one.


First impressions. They mean a lot to me.

Am I being harsh?

Am I expecting too much?

Please give me some ideas of what a good realtor should be doing for us.

I'm really close to calling it quits with realtors and sticking my own sign in the yard.

What do you think??



Anonymous said...

If that's all they do, I say you can do that yourself and save money! I can't believe that she didn't call for an hour and a half. That's totally unacceptable! I think you've made the right decision to decline her services. You need someone who will be professional, respectful and considerate. I hope you have an offer soon on the house!

Anonymous said...

hmm...that is ridiculous. if you feel comfortable doing FSBO, i say go for it...i mean, really, all you need is a good real estate attorney (and i know one if you need his name).

Amy said...

Although, I have zero advice about realtors (I have never moved), I do not think you are reacting to harshly though towards the first impression of her.

You are trying to sell your home, which is probably the biggest investment you'll ever make in your life. It's not like your trying to get her to sell your dining room set. It is your home! The market is way too competitive right now for you to waste your family's time and money on someone who is not making the efforts you NEED them to make.

So, in answer to your question, "Am I expecting too much?", I would say, "Absolutely not!"

I'm just saying is all.;)

I'll be praying for you about this matter...I know it can be so frustrating with so much waiting.

Have a great day, friend! (And I am saying this with A LOT of personality!) ;)

God Bless,

Brittany said...

Eek! Not a good start. It will be ok! Everything will work out! I'll pray for you!! :)

rthling said...

Ugh! I'm sorry you didn't have any luck with your original realtor. I thought she was great, but we had her before the housing slump of '07-08 hit, and that might have made a difference. I too, was given her sister's number a couple of weeks ago when we said we were ready to start looking for yon house. But we weren't impressed with her follow through. So I've contacted my Mom's realtor. So far, I'm not impressed with her, either. We shall see.

McFurr said...

Ok a relator will get you more traffic than FSBO because people looking for houses will contact relators to help them. But you should most definitely be shopping for a new relator. I suggest you go to and they will suggest one in your area that is associated with him. Good luck!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Seeing that we're going through this same thing right now I have some ideas!!! :)

We talked to friends about who a good realtor was first of all and then when we set up a time for this lady we looked at EVERYTHING she did. The first thing that was a bonus was she was willing to come over THAT DAY and look at the house and give us her thoughts on it. Second she set up a time the NEXT day to go over everything with us.

While visiting we asked what things she did to get a house sold and she listed a bunch of stuff. She had 3 different plans that we could choose from. Her basic which is what your realtor did and then for 7% commission she would list it on plus her own website that gets tons of hits and also she put a for sale sign in our yard which wasn't just any sign it had an FM radio channel that anyone could dial into w/the car radio and listen to her telling them all about our house in addition there was her cell number that they could call and she'd drop whatever she was doing (unless it was highly important) and she'd come and show them the house.

She was great and had the best advise. If you want to sell your house quick then make sure they know that you want someone who is highly motivated and is going to get the job DONE!!! :)

Our house was on the market for 2 days and we had an offer. I was totally impressed with her. If we were in the same area I'd totally hook you up! :) I definately wouldn't be going with the sister AT ALL! good luck!!!

Kelli said...

I didnt read all the other peoples comments but DO NOT GO WITH HER. One, since the market does stink she should be bending over backwards to get you. And yeah, thats about all they do, is the sign, flyers and marketing/advertising. But all the more reason to jump head over heels to get your listing, they dont have to do much after they list it. If you do decide to take it off the market, wait a bit to put it back on because since there are less people buying right now, those that are in your price range have already looked at yours either online or drive by or in person so if you wait a month or two, there will be a new crowd of people and / or the ones that already looked might decide to take another gander. But remember as far as someone buying your home they are in the driver seat but as far as a realtor YOU are in the drivers seat with this market. (I am a LO/Processor of mortgage loans hehe) I am glad you didnt jump up from dinner to meet her. They make too much money for dropping the ball a week down the road.

The Boyds Family said...

NO WAY would she get my business!!! Doesn't sound like she OR her sister are trying very hard to sell your house.

I have the name of someone else - if you would like me to share it with you. We have looked at her for selling our house, but since we are never going to be to the point where we are able to move I might as well share her with someone else. :)

utmomof5 said...

That is totally not okay!! I wouldn't hire her!!! I say put a sign in your yard and call it good. Just make sure it is still on teh MLS. I feel your pain about having a house for sale, we are coming up on 10 months on the market. Painful!!!

Mia said...

I have absolutely NO advice, no story of real estate horror to share...but I prayed for you!!
Visit my blog I gave you an award!

JMBMOMMY said...

I wouldn't go with her -- I think that is a no brainer ..but I have moved more times and sold more houses than I like to think about -- and really haven't had the best of luck -- EVER! I don't understand it really. But -- I tried the do it myself thing -- and it didn't go well either. Talk about no showings. People are weird when they don't have a professional representing -- and realtors contacted us during out for sale by owner times and kept asking to do one-time showings... Good luck -- I know this is such a hard thing to deal with -- I feel your pain -- and literally will in a few months when we have to move yet again!!!!

Kellan said...

I'd have been unhappy too and would probably not continue to use either her or her sister. If your 6 months is up and you have the option of moving on to another realtor, maybe consider doing that. I would suggest looking for a "top selling" realtor. All companies have their top-sellers and I know we have only ever had luck with those realtors. They have SO MANY CONNECTIONS, that many other less experienced, less ambitions, less qualified, etc - realtors have - they have it all and that is why they are continunous top-sellers. You can usually go on REMAX websites and find their top seller and also Century 21 - probably all of them list them somewhere - or you could just call a head office in your area. Usually they will easily take your home as a listing and are happy to do whatever they have to to sell it - their reputation ("top seller") is on the line. Just a suggestion.

Good luck, Tina - see you - Kellan

Willow said...

Hi! First of all, I found your blog through you following me on Twitter. Your blog is beautiful!

As far as the real estate situation, it is horrible. We are in the Tampa Bay Florida area and the single most beautiful house, inside and out, yard to kitchen to bathroom, sat on the market for a YEAR AND A HALF before somebody bought it. It started off overpriced but by month 6 the owners had dropped it to a realistic price and it still took another year. So I have no advice for you other than patience and prayer. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Seriously if you want me you better treat me as though I was your ONLY customer. I have a friend in the business and he said you have to work just as hard on a "affordable home" as you do a million dollar home because the average realtor sells "affordable homes." If you aren't working to sell a home your 6% adds up to a whole lot of nothing quickly.

Seriously that would tick me off like nothing.

Toronto realtor said...

Tina you have a reason to be upset. First impression is usually a main clue when you are deciding for a realtor but it is not always right as you already know. I think that is very strange that she is passing a house to her sister. Anyway I think that the key factor is to have a mutual understanding with your realtor. I am working as a Toronto realtor so I know how important it is. If I have a bad relationship with a customer then I am the one who suggests switching a realtor. There is nothing worst than suspicious customer or other way around.
How many realtors did you actually interview at the beginning?

My Goodness said...

Hi Julie...TR...
Our contract with the original realtor is up as of next week, but she is moving and coming to get her sign tomorrow. I must say that needing to interview realtors is something we've learned as a result of this crazy situation. We chose this realtor b/c she was highly recommended from some friends she sold for last year, maybe two years ago. And the problem isn't that our house hasn't sold within 6 months, it's just her unprofessionalism. And her sister, well, I think she's worse.

I think we'll stay off the market for a few weeks as we kick around some thoughts and do some research. This business is crazy right now anyway...who knows the right answer.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment you did!!