Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Like It, I Love It...

I love the Olympics.

I LOVE the Olympics!!!

It has to be the one thing that unifies our country.

I don't care what side of the political spectrum you're on, these athletes have us cheering for one team.

Team USA

I love to watch the stories about our athletes. The stories that NBC puts together telling you how they train, how they live and, in the case of Michael Phelps, how they eat. That guy is told to eat eight to ten thousand calories every day! What a luxury!

I love to watch swimming, volleyball (beach and indoor) and gymnastics. Oh and, diving. They might just be crazy.

I'm rubbing off on my babies.

Ella knows the Olympics are on just as soon as the first few bars of the theme music is played. It's so exciting to watch her get into it.

I am so stinkin' happy for all of our swimmers...not just Michael Phelps (even though he is a beast in the pool), but the whole team...including the women. The relay Sunday night...oh.my.goodness. Were you not on the edge of your seat!? I certainly was. And then they WON! (I slapped my own leg in celebration...which really hurt, doofus.) And GO! Natalie Couglin...that girl ripped through the water for the gold.

Last night, it was men's gymnastics. They lost two important members before the games. It could've been quite a blow to their confidence. They struggled a bit when they got to the floor exercise and the horse thing, but wow, they really had a great night. They weren't favored to win gold. Silver may have been obtainable, but the bronze is nothing to be ashamed of. Way to go, guys!!

I just love this stuff, folks.

And something that makes it even better...


It's the way to go, yes?

Enjoy the games!!

Go USA!!



Amy said...

(I slapped my own leg in celebration...which really hurt, doofus.)~

I loved this statement. That is how I know that our girls date will be so much fun. We are probably related to each other, and we just don't know it yet.:)

Anonymous said...

OH YES! As Anna & I sat watching the diving last night, Joshua & Rachel were pretending to dive (feet 1st, told them no broken necks allowed) off of a bed and "into" the water (blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, etc.)
I believe this has taken the place of our nightly reading time for the time it's on, but I guess that's ok since it only happens every few years. :)

McFurr said...

Me too!!! I am staying up too late but enjoying every minute of it. The DVR does make it much better.

Brittany said...

I too am addicted! I stayed up until 1 am, watching the gymnastics. I can't believe I stayed up so late.... but it's like CRACK! haha. I couldn't stop watching!

jennwa said...

I love the Olympics too.

Mia said...

YES!!! We are watching too. The opening cermonies were....AWESOME!!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ I love the Olympics too! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness you are a NUT! A NUT!

i enjoy the swimming and gymnastics but i'm not crazy ;). hehe

can I be a true debby downer and tell you that I read an article today that said the little girl that sang at the opening showdown was actually lipsinging, because the girl who was singing was ugly and they didn't want that "image." Okay that has more to do with china though

utmomof5 said...

I was screaming at the TV during the swimming relay!!! That will teach France to just keep thier mouths SHUT!!! :)

I missed the mens gymnastics last night -- my allergy pill kicked in I think I would have fallen asleep standing. I heard it was awesome!!

We have had nothing but NBC on all week. LOVE IT!!!

Jenny said...

Oh yes, the DVR is a life saver! We've stayed up late every night this week. The Olympics are always great, but they seem to have a little more pizzaz to them this year. Don't ya think? I love the stories too, there's even an entire channel devoted to the athlete's stories. It's great!


Denise said...

Diving is my fav!

Em's Dad said...

How did Donald do in the 100 meter swim????
ha ha ha ha ha

hey by the way check out my wicked cool blog!


The Boyds Family said...

Oh yeah! We love them here in our house too! For the past three nights in a row I've stayed up WAY past my bedtime trying to see who was going to win what.


Sara said...

YES!!!!! We love the Olympics!!!!!

I have to share a M. Phelps picture with you ... via email. You'll laugh your butt off!

Anonymous said...

I have loved watching too! The swimming has been captivating! I'm thinking that I'll sleep after it's all over.

Debbie said...