Friday, August 15, 2008

Living on Beijing Time

Why do the Olympics have to be so nail-biting? I'm addicted. It's almost like adrenaline vibes are coming through my tv screen and I just can't get enough. This adrenaline helps me stay up to the wee hours of the morning...only to have the hardest time dragging my tail out of bed in the morning.

Yes, I'm the doofus that chooses to stay up and watch....but I must. These events only come around every four!

I want so badly for all of our athletes to meet their goals, to win gold if they can. Not all of them can live up to the hype. The goals that have been set for them are not always attainable. I'm thinking Katie Hoff here. They were calling this 19 year old woman the 'female Michael Phelps'. That is enormous (unnecessary) pressure. I mean good grief. This is Phelps' 3rd Olympics. He's been at this a lot longer. How could she possibly be in his league already?? She can't. So she has been set up for disappointment.

Please let this young lady enjoy the medals she has won. Let her train for the next few years to get better in the events that she struggled.

Way to go, Katie!

Great job to all US Olympians!

I'm enjoying every minute that I'm able to watch.

Even if it is a little past my bedtime.



jennwa said...

The Olympics are keeping me up late too. I always say to my husband,"Let's just stay up and watch just one more event."
I love watching our athletes win.

Amy said...

Your use of the word doofus still makes me giggle.:)

You and my mom should go to the Olympic addict support group together.:) She said the same thing...She just wants to stay home from work so that she can watch wall to wall coverage.:)

She loves Michael Phelps. Growing up, she always had a poster in her and my daddy's bedroom of Mark Spitz wearing his patriotic swimsuit and all of his gold medals. It was hanging on their closet door.:) My dad, I'm sure, really LOVED that.:) So Michael is like her new Mark.;)

Have a happy, happy Friday!
Hugs to you!

utmomof5 said...

I could barely get out of bed this morning to run!!! 6am comes really fast when you don't go to bed until 12:30am!!! I couldn't not watch the womens gymnastics!!! On a side note I HATE teh judges in gymnastics, they are so flipping inconsistent!! Okay enough of that. I may need a nap this after noon, gotta watch tonight!!

Chris said...

tried to DVR... but knowing that I am not watching in "real" time and that everyone else already knows what happened is really messing with my head:(

The Boyds Family said...

I LOVED watching the girls gymnastics last night....I couldn't take my eyes off the set. I wasn't very happy w/ the scores they were giving our girls, but it all worked out in the end so it's all good.

When this is all over I'm going to sleep an entire day to catch up on all the sleep I've missed out on trying to keep up. ha!

Brittany said...

These Olympics sure are tiring... I can't even imagine how the athletes are feeling! ;) ha ha ha.

MoziEsmé said...

Great stuff, hey? I so wish I had cable at times like these so I could be watching it instead of just hearing about it . . .

Anonymous said...

I have to watch too! I had basketball on this morning....I don't even like basketball.

Think that says it all.