Monday, September 15, 2008

"Diaperland" - point me to the exit, please!

I was not nice to my son this weekend.

I feel really bad about it.

He is not telling me when he poops in his diaper. I think he's old enough to tell me, but he just doesn't seem to care. I want him to care.

When he pooped his britches for the second time on Saturday, I was fit to be tied. I handled it the wrong way, but he seemed to make a connection. Except that he was still not the one initiating potty breaks. If I ask him, and take him, he'll use the potty every time, but he is not coming to me when he needs to go. This makes me think he is not ready.

After the poop incident, we had a fine day of him running around here in his dinosaur underwear...and again, as long as I asked him, he'd go. He stayed dry until I was on the phone that night, distracted and not asking him to go.

Sunday was not quite as successful because we had church. He alternated wetting his underwear/pull-up and using the potty.

When I got home and online last night, I found this post from Shannon @ Rocks in my Dryer. What timing! I am very thankful to have found this post.

I want him to be trained. But I want it to be smooth, with the least amount of stress possible. For both of us.

And although I'm SUPER ready to be done with diapers, it is easier (and less disgusting) to change a diaper than to wash out poopie underwear? Yes??

I think he is getting close to being ready for this, but I just don't think the time is now.

I might try the 'naked-from-the-waist-down' thing today and shoo him outside...we'll see what happens.

We may just be stuck here for a little while longer...



Tracey said...

There is an end in will come eventually and when it does it will work for both of you...everyone is different!!

Elaine A. said...

Oh honey, I feel for you. Training Ben was the hardest thing I've had to do in my life. I think I'd give birth to him again before I would potty train him again (and his birth was NO picnic!)

I pray you have it easier.

Amy said...

After raising two boys myself, I feel your pain.

But as you already know...this too shall pass.

It really will....I remember being concerned about how my boys were going to be able to go to college and still have time for me to change their diapers.;)

But once they turned 3 years (and 1 month) old...they were ready.

Evan will be ready soon too.

And instead of changing his diaper while he is away at can be sipping coffee at the local Starbucks with me....while we gab over our newest Vera Bradley purses.;)

Big hugs,

JMBMOMMY said...

HUGS!!! I am not far removed--since I spent all last year training my little boy. My 1st had been a girl and from start to finish it may have taken 1 month max. So I entered expecting the same regardless of all the boy horror stories I had heard. I also had a newborn which didn't help things. But I learned SO much about myself and parenting in general during this time. I "ate" a lot of my words--things I said I would NEVER do. :) And came to empathize in a new way with other mommies of boys!!! But all that said -- my new advice to all mothers potty training little to not stress out. Don't worry about how long it takes or if you are the one reminding. Take a break if it gets stressful and put things back into perspective. Before my boy experience I thought pull-ups were just another diaper...but I learned to LOVE them and believe in them!! It took about a year start to finish...some days he had no accidents and some days he didn't make it to the potty not once...but we took each day as fresh and now he is 3 and totally trained!!!! YAY! But....I have another stinky boy coming up---this time I am not dreading it. Hang in there--He'll get it. And block all those thoughts about "He is out to get me today by not telling me he needs to poop!" LOL!

Anonymous said...

i obviously have absolutely no tips (you'll have LOTS for me when we get there i hope), but i did want to say that my MIL apparently took like 1 entire week and they didn't leave the house...and it was done. it was a rough week but it was done quickly. best of luck...

Lorrie said...

Boys are so different than girls. At least mine was. When it's time, it will be easy. So don't stress over it. Evan will not be going to k-garten wearing diapers. Promise.
Oh yeah, I recommend setting the wee one on the toilet backwards when he goes. This prevents pee from shooting out onto the floor. This way it hits the back of the toilet and goes back into it. Like a backboard. At least until he can master the hold-down method. Aren't you glad you have brave friends to share all this info with you!!! Publicly.

Kelli said...

I tried Kimber in the beg of Sept, and she wasnt ready. She will be 2 1/2 mid october. how old is your little guy?

Mia said...

I have no words of wisdom 'cause I have never potty trained a boy!! I have heard it is maybe a tad bit more difficult a process? I haven't changed a diaper in about 9 years. I can imagine it hasn't changed much!
Prayers and good wishes are coming your way!!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Hang in there! He will get it soon enough and all will be well again! :)

mommaof4wife2r said...

a little bare booty time will do that little guy some good...maybe the fresh air will make him hate the poo on his pants. i know it's frustrating...i have 4 girls...but it ends. never soon enough. but it ends.

Jenny @ Daily Dose of Motherhood said...

I'm in the middle of a potty training mess myself. I feel for ya, hon, and thanks for the link! I'm off to read it now =)

Cheryl said...

We are getting close to 2 and I have been thinking about when to potty train my chica. I too have heard that boys are different form girls, so I was thinking of making introductions to the potty about a month before her 2nd birthday. Maybe I am crazy. The girls in our family trained early, but my little Gracie has a mind of her own. Maybe we'll try and see how it goes, but I am sure we'll probably have to wait. Thanks for the link. I thought it had some excellent information.

Smiling Shelly said...

Of course, I don't really know...but I've always heard that boys are harder to potty train than girls.

Hang in there....It will get better. :)

Anonymous said...

We initially tried potty training about 5 months before The Bean was really trained. I gave it a go for a weekend, but she didn't seem ready. When we tried a few months later, it just clicked. She had it down in a couple of days and has never looked back. I'm definitely glad I waited.

Cindy Kraft said...

Yes boys are hard. Hayden was 3 before the #1 and then 6 months late then #2, so give it time it will come. Its hard to have patience when potty training...but ONE day it will just click!