Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. Hubs realized today that he can't come home until Friday when the plan all along has been Thursday. I'm bummed.

2. The Sound of Music...my kids LOVE IT! I didn't see it until I was in college, and even then, I don't think I watched the whole thing. It came on tv a few weeks ago and Donald turned it on for Ella. She's been singing it ever since. And Evan, sweet love, I can do the little 'so do la fa mi do re' and he will do the second half (so do la ti do re do) of it without even blinking. I love it!

3. I got some new running shoes a couple weeks ago. I just got them out yesterday. I walked a half mile, ran a half mile, walked a half mile and ran another half mile. It felt pretty good...so I'll try to stick with a plan and build up my mileage.

4. Hubs says I must be going through a mid-life crisis (Lord, I hope this isn't my 'mid-life'!) because I've been rearranging everything. Not only have we done some work in the living room, but I've rearranged both of the kids' rooms...completely different...and I love it! It's revitalizing my house, people. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, right?

5. Ella can get onto a swing and get to swinging all by herself. That may seem small, but not having to push both of my kids on the swing anymore is really great!! Not to mention how proud she is of herself...so fun to see her accomplish something new.

6. I'm playing fall ball this year. Softball, that is. I haven't played fall ball since 2004. That's the year I blew out my knee and had to have surgery. Now I play wearing a nice brace. Mamas don't get time off for knee surgery, amen!?

7. Hubs has 6 1/2 weeks of employment left. Please pray for God to open doors...

8. The Biggest Loser starts tonight...I'm a fan.

9. QRB = Quesadilla, rice & beans. Ella's request for dinner just about every night. Think we eat Mexican too often??

10. I need to start seriously thinking about what to do for Evan's 3rd birthday party next month. His past two parties have been outdoors...and I stressed out over the weather each time. I'd love to do something indoors...without spending a fortune. Ideas anyone? Oh, and I might have to have it on a weeknight because hubby will be out of town (on his last work trip) the weekend before his birthday and the next weekend is Halloween. Hmmm...we could do a day-after-Halloween costume party...but where?



Amy said...

I will be back in just a bit to read your post, but for now I just wanted to let you know that I have tagged you today!;)

Amy said...

1. I'm sorry about hubs.:(
2. As you already know, I love the Sound of Music. sigh. Captain: "Were you this much trouble at the abbey?"....Maria: "Oh, much more, sir!"....sigh....
3. You go girl!
4. Please come back to Crazyville!
5. Go Ella!
6. No, moms do not get off for any kind of surgery. (Not that I know anything about this personally, mind you, but I've heard stories.)
7. I will pray for hubs job.
8. I've never watched it, but I may start. I have heard good things about it; I guess I just don't want one more thing to be addicted to. (I'm just saying.)
9. Next time you cook QRB, call me.
10. Call me...I found the cutest decorated pumpkins that would be fabulous for decorations.;)

Well, this is probably the longest comment in blogging history..I'm off to call Guinness. ;)

God Bless,

Heather said...

That is not a midlife crisis--its female nesting instinct which occurs ANYTIME the hormones go crazy .:) Mine go crazy a lot--my poor husband.

Anonymous said...

will be praying about the job situation...and i know you'll plan up something fabulous for the big bday party!!!

Kelli said...

great on the walk/running. I didnt know hubs was going to be out of work. boo hoo. maybe something better will come along where he doesnt have to travel. Great post!

utmomof5 said...

keeping my fingers crossed about the job situation. Been there done that. It is no fun!!

Yea for sound of music!! LOVE that movie :)

Lorrie said...

#10 Church gym?
You've probably already thought about those places though.
(sigh) I haven't a clue. Is Evan too young to bowl? Skate?
Okay, I've got nothing.
Good luck with that one.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I didn't realize your husband was about to be out of work. I'm sorry to hear that! I will pray for him (and you!).

As for birthday party ideas...I have none. We always keep them small and have them at home.

Smiling Shelly said...

So proud of the walking/running thing. I wish I could run...my stupid ankles won't let me - I have tried (even BEFORE I got this fat).
I have been and am still praying for the hubby! Hmmm??
Hmmm? Not sure about the b-day party thing but I know you will come up with something fabulous. I'll put my thinking cap on and let you know if I have any ideas. Is he too young for IP??

Next time you make QBR call me too (that is IF there aren't any onions in it - BLECH!)

Cindy Kraft said...

I know what you mean about #5 (swinging). I was so glad when Hayden learned to swing on his own.
Oh.. get those new shoes moving, I would love for you to run St.Jude half with me.

Noodle said...

YIKES! What happened with the hubs? Eek! Email me, and I'll see if I can put out the word for you.

Mia said...

there is no such thing as eating Mexican too often....yum!!