Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

This 'Ten on Tuesday' was almost 'TWO on Tuesday' because I thought I was too tired to come up with ten things...I was wrong so now you have reading material. Lucky you...

1. It's too cold to play softball...but I did it last night anyway. And we won, so I guess that made it worth it. (Sorry...I am not one of those 'for fun' people...I like to win!!)

2. I was very bummed when my daughter didn't get a trophy at the soccer awards ceremony last night. No one got a trophy. They got duffle bags. Nice duffle bags, but duffle bags aren't trophies. I am disappointed. I may have to get her a trophy myself...

3. Hubs comes home today from his last business trip. (yippie!) He'll be home the rest of this week; work next week at the current job, and start the new job on the 10th. Please pray for a smooth transition.

4. I think we'll be taking the kids to Chuck E Cheese this afternoon. The four of us go there for each of the kids' birthdays...just to do our own little family thing. AND...since daddy missed Evan's actual birthday, I think we'll give him his gifts from us and make the 'day after your birthday' really special! (thank goodness he's only 3...otherwise I'd feel really bad!)

5. Growing pains. They are for real. I remember having them when I was growing up and so does hubby. Now Ella is being plagued with them. Poor girl...

6. I really need to get an oil change. Did I say hubs is off the rest of the week?? hmmmm

7. Want to know something I dread? I really dread rotating out summer/winter clothes for the kids. I do not like shuffling clothes around. AND...we have been blessed with lots of hand-me-downs for each of them...but I'm thinking seriously of 'rationing' the clothes. Only so many shirts, pants, dresses, whatever...what do you think??

8. We got small fish tanks for the kids last week. We bought 10 fish total. We have already killed 3.

9. I'm so glad Donald is coming home today. He has been missed!! ;-) I mean, we're killing fish around here...we need daddy!

10. Evan's birthday party is Saturday (I decided on an indoor inflatables party). I keep asking him what kind of cake he wants. The first few times, he said he wanted 'Boots' on the cake (Dora's monkey friend, for those who could somehow be clueless), but I told him to pick something else. "Choose something different. What do you want on your cake?" He says, with the biggest grin ever, "ME!!" I'm telling you...he knows he's good looking!!

Happy Tuesday, folks!!


Anonymous said...

I love that you do your own family thing for birthdays that is awesome.

I laughed that you killed 3 fish already, they don't live long here either.

Enjoy your time with hubby, and we will pray for the transition.

Amy said...

8. LOL!:) What do you call it when you have a knack for killing fish? You know, if you're good with plants they call it a green thumb? I wonder what color your thumb is if you kill fish?....;)

Just kidding, of course. When I was a teenager, I had a fish commit suicide....It jumped out of its beta bowl onto the carpet. I found it after school...At first I thought it was just a wet leaf, and then I picked it up...and shivers went all down my spine...I wonder what color thumb you have if your fish kill themselves? ;)

Big hugs,

Brittany said...

We kill fish in this house, too! Don't feel so bad. haha.

Adam's Birthday party is Saturday, too! Andy is making him (because I am NOT the crafty one in this family) a cars cake. Let him look through This site and maybe he will find something he likes! That is what we did! :)

Have a great week!

McFurr said...

2. That would bother me too, give the kids a trophy it makes them proud and lets them know that you are proud of their efforts.

5. They are very real, Bailey has them too.

10. LOL! Its his day why shouldn't he be on the cake(he is pretty stinkin cute)? You can get picture cakes at WalMart now.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Donald coming home!

Clothing- wait until you have to change it out and they see you putting in the attc box and they scream- no I like that ______, and you say, but it's too cold/hot for it now you can have it back next fall/spring, to which they are crying NOOOOO I don't care if it's too hot/cold (and then they come up with ways to keep it, like- I'll put a long sleeved shirt under it or a sweater over it, or well , can't we just cut it to make it cooler!) Ah, the joy of girls! :)

We once kept a couple of goldfish about 4 years, they died as soon as we got to TN, tried replacing them- killed 'em. (our beloved dog also died as soon as we got here), guess they all liked Virginia better.

Mia said...

#3 will pray : )
#5 try a banana before bedtime..helps with those leg aches
#7 we were always so thankful for clothes that were given to us. Then it became a monster I couldn't control. Soooo....we went on a garment diet! We pass along the wealth and keep a reasonable amount.
#8 just think in his short fish life he was loved and well cared for!!
#9 welcome home!
#10 I've seen some of Evan's pictures...who WOULDN'T want an Evan cake is all I'm saying!

rthling said...

#2. Hailey was so disappointed that she cried for quite a while after we got home.

#5. I had them, too. Now Hailey has them, and I'm glad I did as a child. I'm not very good with people in pain that I have not experienced. I don't have much patience for the patients.

utmomof5 said...

1. Why would anyone not play to win? I don't really play just for fun either :)
2. Why would a kid want a duffle bag? I think that would disappoint any kid (or mom)
3. Yea for hubs coming home!! Mine is gone until Friday ( he gets home at like 5pm, who plans that for Halloween!! Dumb conference people!!)
4. You are a better mom than me. We do a family thing but I HATE Chuck E. Cheese. Somehow I have gotten away with only going once since I had children.
5. I went through growing pains bad!! They really hurt!! Give her hugs and chocolate -- they make it all better.
6. I think I am at like 6000 miles since my last oil change. UG!
7. We get a bunch of hand me downs too. They are great but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing :)
8. I kill fish -- its what I do :)
9. At least you are not killing the kids!! That is what may be happening here by Friday :)
10. I want to see a picture of that cake :P
Happy Tuesday to you too!!

Doran & Jody said...

Yea for birthdays and hubs coming home!!

Remind me NOT to let you take care of our pets when we go on vacation. Wait...we don't have any fish. How are you with cats?

Jen said...

I hate the clothing swap thing too. No fun. Sorry about the fish. They just don't live that long, well... they're probably supposed to live more than a week. Good thing dad's coming home! Yea for you!

Cheryl said...

8. Don't feel so bad about the fish. During my first year of teaching I thougt it would be cool to have a goldfish bowl (with no filter). The fish were stinking so bad, even after attempting to clean the bowl that I tried to murder the stinking fish. At least yours was not premeditated.

10. Why not have Evan and Boots...just kidding. I do think Evan would make a pretty cute cake though! How could you bring yourself to eat it though???

Smiling Shelly said...

Okay first of all let me just say that Amy is CRACKING me up with her fish that committed suicide story (Only her....I tell ya..)
Maybe we could say you have a Gold thumb??? Cute, yes??

Okay, nevermind....I'll just go forward with MY comments now:
#1 - congrats on the win
#2 - A duffel bag?? That's new..
#3 - Welcome home Donald - I will be praying for your smooth transition :D
#4 - Chuck E Cheese...prolly not too bad on a Tuesday night. Have fun! (I know Evan and Ella will)
#5 - Youch! And she's got a lot of growing still to do.
#6 - Hmmmm....Did you make him a honey do yet??? Might add this one to the top. ;)
#7 - I'll take the ones that don't make the cut (I'm just sayin..)
#8 - I have nothing more to say...
#9 - Welcome home Donald.
#10 - So what kind of cake is he getting??? Just curious.

Take care


Spaceofgrace said...

You've been tagged by me! Come see.