Tuesday, November 11, 2008

When do you stop searching for the missing?

We bought my van three years ago.

My lovely van came with two sets of keys. It's great to have two sets of keys...it's a safety net, per se. Keys are bound to be misplaced every now and then, but no need to worry, there's a back-up set.


Ahem, there was a back-up set.

We lost our second set of keys to the van.

Not one clue where they could be. Maybe they are in one of Ella's many purses. Maybe Evan stuffed them in a toy cement truck somewhere. Maybe I threw them out with the trash. Who knows.

We had given up looking for those keys.

And we guarded the one and only remaining set very carefully.

I probably went into panic mode, more than once, when they weren't where we thought they were.

We have no idea how long these keys have been missing. We only know that they are and that we have quit searching.

But this glorious fall brought us weather that is just a little nippy.

Nippy weather led hubby to put on a jacket that he most definitely hasn't worn since February or March.

And in the pocket of this jacket??


I wonder how many times we actually said 'Oh, they'll turn up someday.'

Well, they did. And I think I busted out a little happy dance. Nothing crazy, though, I'm Baptist. I am very excited that our safety net is back.

Have you ever misplaced something and given up the search? Did it turn up down the road?

Tell me your story!!

This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. Ps 118:24

Happy Tuesday!!


Brittany said...

Have I ever blogged about losing my engagement ring? Well... I did. Year four of marriage, I was out with Adam and trying on winter clothing (on myself and Adam) all day. We had been to at least 5 stores, out to lunch, and the post office. I had been all over the city. I got home and realized my ring was no more! I wear a size 3.5 ring... and it was a little big... and I really needed a guard on it, but never got around to getting one. Anyway- we called EVERY store. I sobbed and sobbed to every manager I could. No one found the ring. NO one. It was gone. Luckily I still had my band so people knew I was married. I never once asked my husband for a new ring. I couldn't. I was ashamed for losing something that was so significant, and something he could barely afford to purchase at the time. I was devastated, to say the least. WELL... the next year we went to Toronto, for our 5th Anniversary and low and behold, he presented me with a new ring... a much larger new ring! :) He even found the same (retired) style and had it shipped here from Idaho. It was the most romantic gesture, and every so appreciated. AND this ring has a ring guard, so I won't lose it! :)

Amy said...

Yay! And you cracked me up with your "nothing crazy though, I'm Baptist." LOL!;)

My son lost something once (and for the life of me I can't remember what) and I, of course, had no idea where he had "lost" this object, so, I told him to pray about it. Ask God to help him find it. And he did. And sure enough...after several days of prayer...God led him to it. It was a wonderful visual lesson of an answered prayer for him.:)And to realize that God cares about all things that concern us...even misplaced keys.;)

Have a great day, friend!
Big hugs,

Anonymous said...

I am soooo happy for you! I know how that feels- remember my blog about my ultrusound pictures of Matthew?!
P.S. remember to keep at least onefoot on the floor while dancing! :) LOL

Chris said...

pretty sure I've lost my mind a couple of times:)

Mia said...

I lost my youngest daughter once! She was 3 and hid in a huge bush of pompus grass (google it)and stayed very quiet for a VERY LONG TIME until I was in tears and headed into the house to call 911 and then I heard her giggle....

Janey said...

We only got one set of keys with our van. So we had a spare made for Lee's key ring. The only problem is, it won't start the van! It seems that the van looks for some kind of sensor in the key, and it won't start without it. So Lee's key will open the door, but it won't start the van. Needless to say, I guard that key!

I lost my engagement ring once too, right after I got it! It was a little big too, and one day at work I realized it wasn't on my finger! I panicked, and I could tell Lee was upset about it but didn't want to seem so. A friend mentioned that she lost a ring once in the bed, so I dug through my sheets. There it was! I have never been so relieved to find something in all my life!

JMBMOMMY said...

Oh, I lose things way too often. I can't tell you how many times I have lost my keys while out...and seriously had to stop after being complete exhausted from looking to pray that God would reveal them. He has EVERY time!

I also lose my cell phone a lot. Once I REALLY lost it...for months. We looked and looked...and bought new ones. Then found it.

Same goes for my camera....lost it. Looked, looked.for months..bought a new one. Found it 3 days after buying a new one!!! And then had to pay the restocking fee at BestBuy to return the new one..ugh! Now, I have the biggest one they sell...so hopefully I can't misplace it!

rthling said...

I have the same issue with the keys. Shawn's has bee missing for quite a while. I'm hoping it turns up as we move.

ToolSmartz said...

I once lost something, found it and looked in 3 other places for it after that. I didn't want it to be found "in the last place I looked".

btw - since Baptists don't "dance"-we must call it "interpretive movements." an that's ok. :-)

Kelli said...

when we moved I finally put a hook on the wall, not the place where all the storage shed keys go or camper keys but a hook, just for my set of keys. Now that I have little kids again, I loose my mind all the time.

Cheryl said...

Good to have extra keys. My little one loses mine sometimes.

Love the Baptist comment. Your are so funny.

Are You Serious! said...

♥ In the last 5 years we've always had a little peg board or now we have a mirror with hooks and I don't loose them ever. However before yes I've lost them and stressed out until I've found them. Thanks heavens we've never lost both sets at the same time. Definate stress out. :)

Amy said...

Oh you just don't know me! I would loose my head if it wasn't attached. Erik always says, "well if you would put things back where they go, you wouldn't have that problem!" hehe I have FINALLY learned to start doing that. Sometimes I just get so busy and try to do too many things at once and I never remember what I did with anything.

Jeni said...

Tina, this TOTALLY sounds like my home!! But usually I'm the one to blame and then later it dawns on so-and-so (my hubby) where he stashed something. Ha! Glad you found them.

Karen said...

I'm ususally pretty good with keeping up with my keys but this one time...I put my little one in his carseat after we where yard sale shopping and thought the keys fell down beside him but I couldn't find them so I took carseat and all out, pulled actual seat up in truck to look there, no luck...guess where I found them....in the back of Carter's diaper!! :-)

And Jason lost his ring while he was throwing a snowball at me...we looked and looked for it as best as we could looking for a ring slot in the snow, but again no luck...it made him so sick. We thought it was gone but later on after much of the snow was melted, we went outside to go to dinner and there it was lying close to the car!

It feels good to find something that's been missplaced! :-)

Jen said...

Hooray for you! I'm missing my engagement ring right now. The diamond got knocked loose so I put the ring and the diamond in a baggie and put it in my jewelry box. I'm a procrastinator and it's been there for a year. I thought I'd be really good and get it fixed, but when I went to get it, it's not there. I'm sure it will turn up somewhere!

Debbie said...

I don't have a story because I can't remember anything. Not even to give my husband checks that are in my purse. Anyway, I just wanted to say HA! HA! All Donald's fault for not putting them where they were supposed to go.

Smiling Shelly said...

LOL! Funny you should ask...(or not). I'll just refer you back to how my Monday went for the answer to this one.


Glad you guys found your keys though - and that your Baptist booty didn't dance too much ;)

Julie D said...

My hubby keeps extra pairs of keys around for me. I'm always misplacing them. They usually show up. (Although the ones I "misplaced" while pregnant with my 3 year old still have not shown up. Unfortunately, my wedding ring was attached to said key ring :( )

I lost a set when I was student teaching. I found them about 2 years later---while preparing for a yard sale. I KNOW I check all the pockets of the bag at least a dozen times!