Monday, December 1, 2008

Moving On...

Alright. Thanksgiving came and went without a hitch.

Except that my waistline grew, for sure, and some kind of turkey-tornado destroyed my house.

What is it about the holidays? I get uber lazy. I like to be out and about, but when I'm home, I'm cozied up on the couch, not one iota in the mood to do my chores.

I like to sit with my laptop. With hot chocolate. With my sweetie.

The dishes are piled up.

The laundry is, well, piled up.

But OH! The important stuff is done...

I've been working on a few blog designs....and...

The Christmas tree is up!! My mantle is decorated...and I love it!! I absolutely love Christmas decorations!! I love a good nativity scene, but I also have a weakness for snowmen. Love'em.

And, ever since I've had my own tree in my own home, I've been very particular about said tree. Decorated in a 'grown up' style with only white lights and only one or two colors of ornaments. Red and silver, specifically.

There has been a slight breakthrough this year as the kids found the small collection of miscellaneous ornaments and insisted that we include them. I gave in...and now my 'grown up' tree has a few kiddie items to show off. But really, only a few. That collection was really small.

I suppose, at some point, I will have a small tree just for the kids to decorate with ornaments of their liking...and maybe colored lights. Eek!

I seem to be making my day-after-Christmas-sale list way before Christmas.

Snap out of it!

Make it through Christmas first!

And watch the dishes and laundry suffer again. hmph...

Happy Monday!!



Amy said...

Happy Monday to you too!:)

My waistline and hipline both grew this Thanksgiving. *sigh*

I have my tree up too...and I also have a weakness for snowmen. They are so "happy" seeming. And we have a Nativity scene also. Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus! Amen?;)

Big hugs,

Anonymous said...

:) I ate sooooo much that I felt as big as about a 7-8 month preg. woman! (Ok, now back to my walking excercise video.)
Our Christmas decor is up and looks simple yet nice. With Jer home, we get to have outside lights this year.

Brittany said...

Happy Monday!! :)

It's so weird that I keep reading about people who have two trees (the kid and adult tree). We always only had one tree. We just mixed the "adult" ornaments with the "kid" ornaments. And until I was an adult, myself, I never knew people did it any other way. haha. I am sheltered, I suppose?! haha.

Anyway- have a wonderful week!

Elaine A. said...

I am thinking of doing a kid tree at some point too. Last year we acquired several ornaments from school and craft projects and I assume this year will be similar!

My tree is up too... come see if you get a chance! : )

utmomof5 said...

My tree has white lights and blue and silver ornaments. DOn't even think of putting a "kid" ornament on it. That is what the 3 foot tree upstairs is for ;)

Yup I am being lazy too, except I have ababy shower at my house on Saturday -- I think I better stop being lazy and CLEAN!!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ I only like the white lights too and want a grown up tree just for me but well someday! :)

Kelli said...

I used your new word last night (christmas-fying) and my husbands head snapped off and said what? I told him and he said, I thought thats what you said.

Mia said...

Okay no colored lights and no assorted ornaments!!!! Its a good thing I love ya cause thems fightin' words!! You just described my tree to a T!! LOL!

Jen said...

I'm with you! I love the holiday season for this very reason! I love just sitting on the couch and looking at the tree. If you squint real hard the lights look really cool. O.k., it may be time for me to get something done!
My mom gives the kids an ornament each year for something that represents something they currently like. I got a small tree for each of them and they get to decorate them however they want and put them in their rooms. I know it seems like I'm a really good mom but I just want my grown up tree too!

Alicia said...

HI Tina!!!!!!!!! Long time no talk!

I got your email yesterday, and I know, it feels like "forever" since I sent you an email!

I know..isn't it amazing at the comments on your blog design??? I was going to put the amount that you charge on there, but wasn't sure if you were going to change it or not. Have you received any requests?

Anywho...I'm trying to get back to "school mode" today! It's soooo hard!!!!!!!!!

I hope you're having a blessed day, my friend!!!!

JMBMOMMY said...

See I have this hidden desire to have the perfectly coordinated tree too...but feel terrible -- my children LOVE their ornaments...and each year get to choose one that represents something about them--so we have Elmo ones, princess ones, pregnant lady can I say no to that! And the house simply is not big enough for 2 trees.....well, maybe but I think that would send my hubby over the edge--LOL! He already thinks I am out of control!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

My kids keep bringing home ornaments that they make at school...drives me crazy. But then my husband reminded me that Christmas is really about the kids so now when I look at the giant paper plate angel on my tree, I smile.

Good luck with the laundry!

Smiling Shelly said...

Sometimes, it's nice to just lie around and relax with the family.

Remember all of my tree drama last year?? Yeah, this year the 'FREE' tree that mom gave me is too big for our space so guess what I did this weekend. HA!!

I am sad that there wasn't a GG this week :(

Anonymous said...

Those kiddie ornaments have their season, but they'll probably move on to other things as they get older. I'll bet it looks great!

I'm with you on the list for after Christmas sales. I'm thinking I'll pick up a pre-lit tree this year. Ours is shedding more and more. It's time to let it go in peace.

Lizzie said...

I had to put some kiddie stuff on my grown up tree too *sigh*

Anonymous said...

This will be my first year to not have coordinated wrapping paper under the tree (gasp!). I had random rolls from previous years and I just decided to let my hair down and have hodge podge under the tree. Somehow I think it will be okay. . .somehow.

Someone in our family gets the girls random crazy ornaments, I'm just not a fan and they don't get on my tree. It's a shame I know, but I don't care about the cost, but I do care about if they are random and crazy.

I'm random and crazy today. sorry for the rambling.

McFurr said...

I love all the crazy ornaments and my husband has more "kid" ornaments than my kid. I love the hodge podge of the ornaments and how Bailey likes to lay hers out in order of the year she got them. I buy her at least one ornament every year that is dated and reflective of her that year so when she grows up and moves out she will have a collection that is all hers.