Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Seriously...I've Turned Into A Klutz

I should never have posted that I fell twice in two days.

The day said posted was published, ahem, yesterday...

I fell again.

What an idiot.

This time, I stumbled down a few stairs at my friend's house.

And she laughed.

I thought she might wet her pants.

But that's ok.

Somewhere on those stairs is the skin from my knuckle.

I got the last chuckle.



utmomof5 said...

Oh sweetie -- just stay home okay?

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Oh my... I'm glad it wasn't serious though! :)

Alicia said... be honest..I would have been busting up too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya, girl!!

Are you going to do your meme this Friday??

Brittany said...

I am telling you, you need a BUBBLE!

ToolSmartz said...

Insert Q-tips into ears, wiggle around enough to remove the huge deposits that are affecting your inner ear.
Balance will return once ears are clean.

HTH. :-)

Doran & Jody said...

Ah ha ha ha. I mean. So sorry.
Actually this is how our family thinks. My granddaughter was over last Sunday and asks..."Can we watch that show again where people get hurt?" We love America's Funniest Videos. Apparently she does too.
Doran always says that I think things are funny until someone gets hurt.......and then it's hilarious.....Who Me?

rthling said...

Now, see? Video of all of the past few days' blunders could have won you $10,000!

Smiling Shelly said...

Now see, I've known you for years and I hate to inform you of aren't becoming a klutz. ;)


Has no one every told you that things like this always happen in threes?? Maybe that means you've gotten all of your clumsiness out of the way for '09...

Jen said...

You poor thing! I can't believe the ceiling incident! Maybe you need to wrap some bubble wrap on your elbows and such. Or better yet, how about just a helmet and elbow and knee pads all the time. Does it make you wonder what's next?