Thursday, December 11, 2008

This and That

Eek! So much going on. No stopping in sight!! let me just fill you in on 'the stuff' going on these days.

1. This is the third week for Hubby at his new job. It's taken quite a while, with the holidays and all, for him to get security access for all that he needs clearance for, so he's really just now beginning to do some real work. He thinks it will be a fine job...but still hates that the other one was yanked out from under him bit the dust. The pay periods are off from what he used to by the time we get a check, it will have been almost a month. Not a nice time of year to hold out on the cheese, folks. (but at least it's coming, I know)

2. My darling angel babies are singing in their Mother's Day Out Christmas programs this morning. I'm so excited! They've both done a great job learning their songs! And Ella gets to keep on singing because she has a program Sunday night at church with her preschool choir. I will be a blubbering idiot! I have watched many-a-preschooler sing on stage at church, and I have cried just thinking of the day it would be my girl...tears will fall!

3. Two bloggin' buddies gave me awards!!!
This first award came from my new pal Alicia @ More Than Words . Miss Alicia treated herself to a blog design by yours truly and we really hit it off. Funny thing is, she had been following my blog for a while, but didn't realize that she was purchasing a design from me until we got to chatting. She didn't connect me with the design blog that she purchased it from. It was quite funny! Alicia, you're a sweetheart, thanks for this sweet bloggy friend award!!

My next award came from Shelly at Smiling Shelly's Stories. Well...not only Shelly...actually, I already had this little gem saved on my computer and it said that Amy from in my life gave it to me. So it looks like I was a major slacker in posting the award the first time I got it. Boo Me! So I must say thanks to Shelly AND Amy for the Uber Amazing Blog award...the feeling is mutual, my dears.

Will you sweet girls forgive me if I just gracefully accept the awards rather than passing them around right now??? My brain hurts. Thanks...
4. Christmas Cards are done!

5. Christmas gifts are not wrapped.

6. Shopping is not completely finished.

7. There is a surprise coming.

8. And I have a full day. Gotta Go. See ya when I see ya. Tomorrow, actually. Come see me for some Grilling Goodness!!!

Happy Thursday!


Amy said...

I'll be back for some grilling!

Have a lovely day, sweet lady!

Big Hugs!

Brittany said...

sounds exciting! :) Have a great rest of the week!

Sara said...

You have LOTS going on Chicka! Tell Ella and Evan to break a leg this morning. Ella is such a great singer so I know someone will scout her out and offer her a singing contract today. JUST KNOW IT!

Do I get a prize if I guess the surprise?! No, Huh? Thought I'd ask.

utmomof5 said...

Busy at your house but yea for the cards being done!!

utmomof5 said...
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Chris said...

Can Ella come and sing with the altos for the canata... we could use the help.

lauramatthews said...

Ok, so in January, um, yeah, we're gonna get together. A girls' lunch or dinner would be fun...but so would getting the kids together. I NEED to see you more friend! This is a sad state that we see each other, oh, about once every 5 years and we live so close!

Alicia said...

Tina, you're so cute!!! Your posts are so happy & it!!!

Can't wait for your Friday meme!!!

Have a wonderful day, my friend!!!!!


Tink said...

You have a lot on your plate! Have fun at your kids' school programs and take lots and lots of cute pictures! Have a great day! I'm having a giveaway at my site if you're interested in entering.

McFurr said...

I am just dying to know the surprise.

Smiling Shelly said...

Oh yeah! I got my card today - love the picture of the kiddo's. Thank you!!

Since I know both of I get a sneak peek at the surprise?? Do I, huh?? huh, huh?? Do I??

*folds arms across chest while sticking bottom lip out*


See you soon! :D