Friday, January 23, 2009

Grilling Goodness #15


Howdy, howdy! Welcome back to Golden Goodness for another installment of Grilling Goodness! It makes my Fridays happy, how about yours?

1. Have you ever ridden a horse?

2. Have you ever run out of gas?

3. How many different schools did you attend growing up?

4. Do you have, and use, a library card?

5. Hand-wash or dishwasher?

6. Does your alarm clock beep or play music?

7. Do you know how to roller skate?

8. What would you consider one of your biggest accomplishments?

My Answers

1. Yes, I've ridden horses...but I haven't been on one since Ella's birthday last year. To say that girl loves horses is an understatement!

2. I *think* I recall running out of gas once before I was married. I was living at home and I think I ran out of gas as I pulled into the driveway. Fortunately there was a gas can there for the lawn mower and that gave me enough to get to the station.

3. I attended five different schools from kindergarten to highschool. Then I mainly went to one college, but took a few classes at a community I could actually pass College Algebra and History.

4. Ahem. No. I do not have a library card. And I've just made myself cringe at how bad that is...because, at the very least, I should be taking my children to the library.

5. Well...I use the dishwasher until it is full and then I wash the rest by hand so that everything can be clean at the same time. Now you know that our dishes pile up...every once in a while.

6. Our alarm clock does both...but for the first several years we were married, I refused to hear the beeping. The problem with that is that hubby never woke up with the guess you had to be an alarm clock for the alarm clock. Now we let it beep.

7. Yes. I can get by on skates. Sometimes I don't even fall!! BUT, I would never attempt to carry a tray of food while roller skating...I don't believe I'm that coordinated on skates!

8. One of my biggest accomplishments was being Valedictorian in highschool which earned me a four-year ride to college.

I hope you enjoy your Grillin'...please be sure to sign Mr. Linky and visit the other grillers!

Have a fantastic weekend!



Alicia said...

Wow, Tina..on the Valedictorian!! Awesome!

Amy said...

2. Shudder. That is one of my fears in life.

3. I had to take Remedial Algebra in college. Not to mention Remedial Reading Comprehension and Remedial Writing Composition. *Sigh*

5. Ours pile up too.

7. LOL!:) I would get fired the first five minutes on the job if the job required roller skates and food to be dealt with at the same time.;)

8. You smart thing! That is an awesome accomplishment.:)

I'll try to have mine up Monday!
Have a great weekend!
Big Hugs,

McFurr said...

Do something new this week, get a library card :)

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Being the Valedictorian is a major accomplishment. My best friend in high school was the Valedictorian. She was one smart girl!

This was fun to play along with. I love random information. Don't ask me why, I don't know. But it was fun! Thanks for hosting!

Brittany said...

I am SO glad to see that you wash your dishes by hand, when the dishwasher is full! I do it, too! Andy doesn't think anyone else in the world does this... yay!

The Newby Family said...

Most Impressive - Valedictorian!

Jen said...

Do you have pictures of you on roller skates as well? Might be kind of fun to see. Even better would be a video. Just sayin. I will admit, so that you can feel better, that I have a library card but haven't used it since the summer. I'm a bad bad mom. And I'm so impressed with the Valedictorian. That's awesome!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Great list! I don't know how you come up with these questions! :)

momstheword said...

The music of an alarm clock just incorporates itself into my dream and I don't even notice it!

Nelly said...

Same here, I would not notice it unless it would be some crazy german folk music LOL

Elisabeth said...

I cannot wake up to the alarm clock music, I have to use the beep!

JMBMOMMY said...

1. Have you ever ridden a horse?
Yes, many times. But in high school-there was this ranch near my home and a group of my friends went there probably 3 times before we realized the horses were seriously possessed---I'll never forget getting on this horse that acted normal until he got to the edge of the woods/forest was like as soon as he knew the owners couldn't see him--he took off running full blast. I was holding on so tight..I really thought I would die. He would run so close to trees and under low branches. Nothing I did would make him stop...then he found his way back to the barn was in sight....and then he just stopped and sat down. I am not kidding. The horse from HELL!

2. Have you ever run out of gas? No, but I drive around with my gas light on way too often. My hubby always fills up my van for me...and if he hasn't been in it for awhile....I'll just wait it out. I don't ask either. I'll run out one day. and yes, I am spoiled.

3. How many different schools did you attend growing up? 12 if you include colleges. (5 were in high school--I was a troubled teen!)

4. Do you have, and use, a library card? Um, no. I know, I know. But I read all the time. I would just rather buy the book.

5. Hand-wash or dishwasher? Dishwasher. The only time there are dishes that don't fit are after dinner...and hubby does them. I cook, he cleans (I help but he does the hard parts)

6. Does your alarm clock beep or play music? My hubby gets up to his --sometimes a beep, sometimes music..I am not sure how he decides. I know he sets a back up sometimes too...anyways, he then gets up with the kids and gets them breakfast....about 15-30 min later he wakes me with a kiss or a good morning sweetie..and tells me where the kids are in the morning process..I take over while he gets ready for work. He is seriously, the sweetest man alive--those extra 15-30 min of sleep are priceless!!!!

7. Do you know how to roller skate? No---I am terrified of any type of wheels going under my feet. I seriously panic.

8. What would you consider one of your biggest accomplishments? Oh, I have no idea. I mean anything that I am or have overcome is by the Grace of God---I'll leave that one at that.

Anonymous said...

1) yes
2) yes
3) 6 with college
4) quasi. Our church has an extensive library, no card but we use it every week.
5) EVERYTHING goes in the dishwasher it runs at LEAST once a day
6) both
7) yes but it has been a while
8) having children

TheAngelForever said...

I hope you head to your local library soon to get a card. There are so many items offered there these days that it is worth it. We go all the time and my boys love it.

Smiling Shelly said...

1. That little horse ride took place in the snow, didn't it??
Maybe you'll let her do it again on a sunny day ;)

Oh yeah! Don't forget we can go to FACS for the Easter Egg hunt and they can ride them there :D

2. Whew! You got lucky.

4. I can't believe you don't have a library card...I must admit, I'm shocked!

6. Lately, my alarm clock rings and when I answer it's this really great guy on the other end telling me to "Rise and Shine, it's work out time!"


7. Skate while carrying a tray of food??? NO WAY!!

8. I always knew you were a smart cookie ;)

Love your Friday meme! Thanks for hosting this each week. Mine's I'm going to go read what everyone else had to say. :D

JMBMOMMY said...

Okay, what about Letter "C" :)

Amy said...

Mine is up!:)

Krisha said...

I finally had time to post mine ;)

Natalie said...

This looks like SO much fun - going to be posting mine soon!