Tuesday, January 13, 2009

'Ol Golden Arches, How You've Failed Me....

No matter how unhealthy. No matter how unelegant. No matter how inconsistant.

You still have a hold on our family. (on cheat-day, of course)

My hungry children and I waited for much too long in your drive thru.

We were patient.

We did not fuss.

We paid our 'bill'.

We received our drinks.

We waited even longer for the rest of the order.

We checked to make sure we had everything we purchased.

We drove home.

Mommy set the kids at the table with their food.

Mommy sat down to get her grub on.

And by golly, her sandwich was wrong.

'Hold the tartar sauce' had meant nothing to you, ye 'Ol Golden Arches.

Sweet hubby bagged up this disaster of a dinner and returned to the scene of the crime.

He calmly explained the situation.

'We waited much too long.'

'Our orders are wrong 50% of the time.'

'My food is at home getting cold because I had to come back up here.'

And you apologized.

You refunded the cost of that 'value' meal.

You made fresh fries to go with a new sandwich.

And when hubs returned home with this food....

You had left off more than you were supposed to.

No one ever said 'hold the cheese.'

And yet, you'll probably have another chance to fail again.



Brittany said...

oh dear.

Amy said...


rthling said...

Oh, our hearts are all held by the greasy, cold grip of the arches!
Boo on getting it wrong a second time.

Are You Serious! said...

♥ My kids love to go there on our crap day too... Luckily they haven't messed up too bad or often.

Jen said...

I know how you feel. And yet we still go back. At least you have a McDonald's. Ours has been torn down and is in the process of being rebuilt. No even option to run down there and get something now that you've made me think about those delicious greasy fries!

Lizzie said...

oh how true...how true!!

Kelli said...

thats horrible. Ours is pretty good and fast, unlike Jack in the box which is so slow. YOu need to forward that post on to them.

utmomof 5 said...

It is good to know that the Golden Arches in your neigborhood suck as bad as the ones in Utah :) Better luck next time!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatly for them, Jeremy & I have started going to BK, not as many problems, more options for the children, and Jeremy says he likes their fries better. i say- bring on the onion rings!

JMBMOMMY said...

Oh just say no :) That is what I say to the golden arches....it is just so nasty I can't do it...my children will thank me one day and it gives grandparents a chance to be so cool when they give in and take them!!!

Elisabeth said...

Oh, the Golden Arches!! Sometimes they get my sandwich order wrong, too and S will have to take it back! When he does, though, he politely explains the situation and ends with, "Will you please make sure the sandwich is right this time? If it is not right this time, my wife will return here and I know you don't want her back there showing you how to make a proper sandwich."
I know it may sound a bit rude, but it works! The second sandwich is always right!

Jenny said...

If I didn't know better I would have thought you were talking about our golden arches. We've never had the chance of getting fresh food, we always have to suffer with the mistake and wait for coupons in the mail.

Alicia said...

There's nothing worst than to come home with the wrong food, or lack of!!

Kim said...

It's the eternal hope isn't it.

Smiling Shelly said...


This post sounds achingly familiar. The only place that I've found who gets your order right more time than not is Chick-fil-a.

All those fast food places could stand to take some lessons from them - they know how to work a line and they usually get it right.

Mia said...

As a former teenage employee of one of our local McD's let me say this "I LOVE Sonic"

Elaine A. said...

I gave up on them a while ago. Wendy's anyone? ; )

Chris said...

yes... but every once-in-a-while when the order is right and the sandwich is hot and the fries are fresh... OMgoodness. worth every bit of arterial blockage. I'm just saying.

Chris said...

see what you made me do:) stopped today for lunch. think they gave me your tartar sauce.

Denise said...

What a bummer! If you're like me, you had your mouth all set and it was watering for just what you had ordered, the first time - uuuggggh.
Your post is so cute and clever inspite of your disappointment. All these fast food joints just have a bunch of kids working there who couldn't care less.


Debbie said...

What beautiful poetry?