Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just sharing stuff

- Hubby has been ill...but is starting to sound a little less gunky. It was a major sinus infection...we're so thankful it wasn't the flu or strep!!

- We had some work done repair our three-year-old-amateur-sheetrock-job. Now we have to wipe everything down so we can paint and get the room put back together. (see what we have planned for the weekend?)

- Our oldest starts school this fall, eek!! We've decided to send her to a small private school. God is providing the means, so unless He closes the door, this feels like the right path. We'd like to move closer to this once we get the previously mentioned upstairs painted and put back together, we'll stick a sign in the yard.

- I realized yesterday that I only have 5 months left with my firstborn at home everyday. But knowing how excited she is about school makes it easier. She has already said 'I wonder what kind of friends I'll make at my new school.' My social butterfly.

- Girl's first sleepover is one week away...'nuther reason we need to get that room finished this weekend. Gigglefest '09 will be more delightful if we can have a big space of our own!

- I've decided that I'm thankful for trains. They require me to stop for a few minutes and be still. Could you send a few more trains, Lord?

See you tomorrow for Grilling Goodness! Have a great day!!



R and R Stacy said...

Small private schools are the way to go if you can afford it. Your a great mother!!
I hope your hubby feels better soon. My hubby had it about 3 weeks ago and poor thing was a mess.
Happy Thursday!!

Anonymous said...

Let me know how the sleepover goes! You are a brave momma!

We still want to homeschool, but we found a private school that offers four half days of kindergarten. . .it seems like a good alternative. It's stupid that public school children go all day. It's hard on their little bodies.

Kelli said...

I really am sick of house projects. They are never ending here.

Are You Serious! said...

♥ My twins are starting kindergarten this fall too. Crazy how fast time flies! Have fun with the house project. They aren't my favorite thing!!! I need to finish cleaning my WHOLE house that still has boxes all around. My mother-in-law is coming!!! :)

mama's smitten said...

Hi Tina! Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello ! I loved how you said that God is proving the means to send you oldest to private school. Our children go to private school also. Somehow God has provided us with the means ??? I am very Grateful!

Denise said...

I really like your insightful comment about trains. I've never thought of that before.