Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Temptation is everywhere....

I really don't mind reality TV...in fact, the majority of what I watch would probably be considered reality TV.

But there are some shows that I typically find really boring.

Hubby likes a show called 'How It's Made'.

They've shown the making of saddles, guitars, trumpets, handbells...that I've seen.

I am not normally interested in this kind of show.

But, last night...when I was hungry...thinking about going to bed before I could eat something I shouldn't...they decided to show how frozen french fries are made. From harvest to packaging...and of course frying.

And it was all I could do to ignore this show.

Craving grease seems pretty stupid to me...yet it happens anyway.

At least I couldn't get my hands on those fries...but there are times...

...when you buy junk at the grocery because you've gone in there hungry.

...when you fall off your healthy wagon because you've had a fantastic birthday and gone to a Super Bowl party been social.

...and when you see a commerical for Pizza Hut when you're on the treadmill at the gym.

There really should be a way to censor those commericals while you're trying to better yourself, I mean really.



Anonymous said...

I always try to tell myself NOT to go to the grocery store hungry. Last time we went during Happy Hour at Sonic. . .I can't help it, if I HAVE to pass Sonic on my way there!

Anonymous said...

yet another reason we don't watch TV. :) Not watching has reduced some of the gimmees from the children...(not all...they do find the magazines that end up in the mail box without being ordered and of course have friends).
I have a hard temptation with things like the valentine candy hearts, M&M's, etc.

JMBMOMMY said...

Uh..it is everywhere!!!! I completely send my hubby to the store once a week with a list so nothing extra comes home!!! And I don't watch TV while exercising--I rock out with my ipod. But the temptations are still everywhere.

utmomof 5 said...

I feel your pain sister! I was watching one on the history of ice cream on Sunday morning. I really wanted ice cream for breakfast :P

Jen said...

Too bad all those healthy commercials don't quite produce the same effect! The history on carrot making just would do it!
You're doing so well! Congrats!

Kelli said...

I so agree!

Alicia said...

Actually Tina, I think they do! They're called remote controls!! LOL!!

Suzanne said...

Hello, Ramblings of a Crazy Mom sent me to you and I love what you say in your profile about not using your degree and that you're a dork (self-professed geek speaking) anyway, I wanted to know how to make a button of my header and then place it in a scroll for others to grab. I'm not kidding you I have spent hours Googling how to do this to no avail! Help! Please?

Anonymous said...

T likes to watch that show too! While it is interesting to see how things are made, the narration is SO cheesy at times. They seriously need to get new writers.