Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wordless...for YOU...not me!

I've been attending a wonderful Bible study/mentor program called Apples of Gold on Tuesdays. The more mature ladies in our church are passing on their wisdom to the younger ones, and it's great fun! We learn wonderful Bible principles, tips from the kitchen and enjoy a wonderful meal.
I'm Mrs. Picky. I don't eat many vegetables...I'm a meat and potatoes kind of girl. Sad but true. However, I decided that during this program, I would at least try everything I was served. On the very first day of this program, they served a salad before the meal.

I ate about half the salad...and I didn't die! It's still not something I think I will choose to eat, but I conquered it that day!

Everything since then has been easily edible for me. No problem.

And then yesterday they served steamed broccoli.


But remember my plan? At least try to eat it.

And I did.

The shocker of all shocks is that I ate my whole serving. Nevermind that nearly every bite was joined by either the ham or the macaroni and cheese that was also served...but it still counts.

I ate broccoli!!

Now you can have a wordless Wednesday!



Jen said...

I am so impressed! Trying new things is always tough. But at least you know that this one is good for you! I personally love broccoli. It could be my favorite vegetable. Good for you! And FYI salad's aren't really nutritious unless they're made with the dark leafy greens. Add in dressing and they're not good at all. So use that as your excuse next time!

Anonymous said...

try at least one bite of everything. That's our rule here.
I'm very proud of you Tina! (I mix my veggies with other foods too- esp. mashed potatoes with gravy)

ToolSmartz said...

YOU ate broccoli???

Ok everyone, the apocalypse must be just around the corner. !?!?!

Next thing we know you'll be telling us you ate a salad...Oh, wait... NEVERMIND... hahahaha

Good for try a banana sammich using mayo...heh-heh

Kelli said...

Good for you! its not a good way to have less calories but if you open a can of campbells cheese soup, dont add milk or water just heat and put it on broc or cauliflower, its yummr and easy. If you decide to buy brocoli, try the frozen flowered parts not the cut up brocoli, you will get more of the flowered part than stems and stems arent very good.bla

Way to go and keep it up.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I like broccoli but only if it is dipped in ranch or covered in cheese sauce...I sound like a 6 year old!

That sounds like a great Bible study group!

rthling said...

I have no words.

Brittany said...

How are you doing Apples of Gold on your diet... missy? lol My mother in law teaches this series at our church...and I KNOW what kind of food they make!! ;)

I hear the bible study is great. (I know, the MIL teaches it and I've NOT attended it yet... I am baaaad)

Eat yo' Veggies! lol

Oh Dear said...

Cheese can cure any veggie! I served the kids brussel sprouts just because I thought we should eat them. THey could dress them anyway they wanted for a taste. My daughter did butter and my son did cinnoman and sugar. Lucky for us we lost power and the remaider of the bag spoiled in the fridge. Thank you God!

Oh Dear said...

Oh yeah and ranch salad dressing cures raw veggies!

utmomof 5 said...

Way to go on the broccoli!! It totally counts even if it was mixed with mac and cheese or ham! It all ends up in your tummy anyway.
That sounds like a great class. Pass on any good info you get! :) Please?

Lorrie said...

We should have sat next to each other. I would have gladly traded my ham for your broccoli!!

JMBMOMMY said...

Tina, I comletely get you. About 2 years ago, I was in the same place--29 years old and seriously didn't like not ONE veggie...not even sweet potatoes! or any of the other starchy veggies!!! But I decided to start trying and I quickly realized I would NOT die. So I continued....and 2 years later...I can say that I kinda enjoy a salad (I am still picky about which kinds), prefer spinach leaves on my sandwiches, prefer Sweet potatoe fries over regular, and the list goes on...It really is possible!!!

Congrats on the feat today!!!

Michele Williams said...

I love fresh broc.. but not frozen... go figure... Good for you...

Tanya @ said...

I love it!
The rule I grew up with, and still continues at our house is that you have to take two bites without making faces or saying the food is gross, awful, whatever. If you make an ugly face or comment, you have to take another bite... :)