Thursday, March 12, 2009

Five years ago today...part 4...and only the beginning!

Part 2

Part 3

Eek...first...back up...I told you I was's the proof!

On with the story...

It was nearly midnight. My dad had just arrived. My friends had just left. And then...

...they checked me. Of course we all expected them to find some progression with the stuff and things that need to happen for you to deliver. They found that I had only progressed the tiniest bit...but that tiniest bit allowed them to feel something unexpected.

There was no hard little head was soft baby buttocks. Breech. Totally unexpected.

They ordered an ultrasound and the doctor on duty came in to check it out.

We had been told "First baby, not dialated much, settle in for a long night, honey."

Doctor looked around with the ultrasound and made the confirmation. Tush down.

"Sorry, we'll need to take her via c-section. Ready?"

Huh? Now? Really? COOL!! So much for a long night, let's do it.

We never expected that a caesarean would be necessary, but it really didn't matter. The outcome is what mattered...healthy mommy, healthy baby.

My epidural dosage was upped. Hubby was set up with a lovely green ensemble. It took a while for everything to be set up in the OR...I got really nervous and asked for my husband several times. I just knew they were going to forget him out in the hall and he'd miss the whole thing.

But they didn't and he didn't. Whew!

At 1:19am on March 12th, 2004, we became the parents of a beautiful 6lbs 14oz baby girl we named Ella Danielle.

Today, our Ella is five. Five. Wow.

It doesn't seem like it's been that long...yet it doesn't seem like we've never not had her...weird.

She is beautiful.

She is smart.

She is sassy.

She is spunky.

She pushes my buttons.

She makes me laugh.

She is my daughter and I love her very much!!

**She's not sleeping...she has this thing where she likes for me to hold her and sing her a little song that I sang when she was a baby. She's a good actress. Typically, dramatic**

Happy Birthday, sweet baby girl!



Krisha said...

Ella is adorable! Now and her baby pictures!

My son likes to do that, too....act like he's sleeping so I could hold him like he was still a little baby.

Your post inspired to me to blog about what I can remember about my first born. Tomorrow I will blog about my second child.

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh, she is so cute, Tina!!!

And I love your "do!" So sassy!

Suzanne said...

You scared me! I was like, she's pregnant, why didn't I know this? Ohhh, yes the retrospective...yeah, I get it! Tina, my baby is now 4 and I am so sad, I still hug her and kiss her and squeeze her when I can! Lord willing, I will be a crazy grandma!

McFurr said...

Happy Birthday beautiful little Ella!

JMBMOMMY said...

She is beautiful!!!!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Ella!:)

Brittany said...

AWW! :) I have chills...wonderful story!

Happy 5th Birthday, Ella!!!!!

Elaine A. said...

Awww, Happy Birthday Ella! What a beautiful, sweet little girl she is!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Great pictures! So cute! :)

Lizzie said...

Aww great story! Such a beautiful girl!

Lori said...

Happy Birthday Ella!
Nice new hiar do Tina!!!

R and R Stacy said...

Aww. sweet post!
Happy Birthday sweet girl!
My oldest and first born child weighed 6lbs 14oz too.

Anonymous said...


Shannon said...

Loved your stories. You might've inspired me to do one about Emmerson's next week. Maybe. lol

Ella's hair is cute in the last picture. I need to take lessons from you.

What a sweet picture of you and Ella together. I still love to hold E like that(when she lets me). Sometimes I miss those days of her being still and staring into my eyes. (tear)

Happy Birthday, Ella girl!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Ella!!!

The Bean still wants me to hold her every night and sing Rock a Bye Baby to her before bed. I'll run with that one as long as she lets me!

Laura Matthews said...

I've enjoyed this series of posts and, most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your big girl!!!

rthling said...

A beautiful story for a beautiful girl.
'Course, her Mommy's beautiful, too!

Kelli said...

she has the prettiest face ever. I love that newborn screaming pic. hehe .and the one on your lap, well and the one at the window.she is so cute

Jen said...

I loved reading all about your first baby experience! Leaving work for good is the best! Happy birthday, Ella! What a fun story! I love the toenails part. I'm very impressed you could reach them. Don't think I could have.

Mama Smurf said...

She is a cutie! Love her hair-do!

Happy Birthday!

And...btw...that? is not ginormous! I gained 75 pounds...THAT is ginormous. I think you look cute with your baby bump!

Amy said...

I love that I'm getting to reply to your comment under your belly pic! I love it! I can't believe that Ella is 5. WOW!
Anywho,Yes, baby names are both family names.
My girl name is after my granddaddy, Embry Garner Wilson, who went by Garner. We will use Embry Allyson for a girl. I like Embry for a girl. Its different.
Now, for a boy, here's where my complaints and unwanted comments have been, lol! Erik's grandmother's maiden name was "Mills" and his grandfather is William Oliver Beasley, so we will have a "Mills Oliver." Turns out that I'm not so different. Since my "unusual, different, non traditional name" was selected. I have since then met 2 little boys with the name Mills, and have met 2 mommies-to-be who are naming there little boys "oliver." I can't win for losing! LOL