Monday, March 30, 2009

My Life. In Pictures. Day 1

A new friend of mine is hosting a 'carnival' of sorts. Each day, there is a theme for which you are supposed to post a picture.

Today's theme is 'Something New'.

I took Evan to the dentist a few weeks ago...and I was told what we already knew. His two front teeth had no space between them...which allowed for food to be trapped, which leads to tooth decay. Sweet Evan was having we followed the advice of the dentist and decided it best to have some space created between those precious teeth that he'll still have for a few more years.

Here is the before and after...sorry for such poor quality. I'm beginning to despise my camera.



The the Gap that Evan now has between his teeth. Maybe it's an odd thing for 'new', but hey, it's my life.

If you'd like to play along one day or all the days this week, please go see Amber!



Amber, That's Me! said...

What a sweet smile- in both pictures! It works perfect for something new! Life is what this challenge is about!

Elaine A. said...

That's interesting because my oldest has no space between his two front teeth but the dentist has never mentioned that to me as a problem. Hmmmm... They always just say to floss in there and that it may take him longer to lose his teeth.

Your little man is so cute! : )

Amy said...

Dr. Scott is one of the two I have my eye on! Thanks for your recommendation. Its good to hear that. Baby's name is Mills Oliver

BeeHappy said...

Cutie baby! And hey it's your blog - you do what you want :) See you tomorrow!

Alicia said...

Fascinating. What a great "new"!

Denise said...

So adorable! I had no idea the dentist could create a space like that without pulling anything. Lookin' good, Evan!