Monday, May 11, 2009

Title Schmitle

1. Had a stinky week last week. I didn't feel well...I think I'm over the hump, but it could be 2010 before I feel like myself. (exaggeration, of course, but I'm so over not feeling like myself)

2. Played Softball Friday night...had fun, hit great, paid for it later.

3. Played Volleyball all stinkin' day Saturday. We are the champions, but we had to work really hard to get it. A little Advil and I'm not too much worse for the wear.

4. Had a nice Mother's Day...Nap. I was able to get a 2 hour nap yesterday which was one of the best gifts I received. I also got two cartridges for my Cricut, four or five crosses to hang up (that I'll probably save for the new house) and some beautiful red and white roses. OH!! And while I was napping, hubs cleaned the kitchen and living room that were part of the house that has gone to pot since I haven't been feeling well. Love that man!

5. We think we have chosen a different school than we originally planned to send Ella to in the fall. It will be closer to our new house (when we get there) than the first school. It has more to offer and will probably be a great fit for us. It's going to be wonderful!

6. I was looking forward to not having to get out today, but I must go pay the phone and water bills. Blech.

7. This is the last week of Mother's Day Out. Eek. It's really nice having two days to do what I need to do...

8. I think God kept people from wanting to see the house last week since I felt bad, thank you! We have a call or an email just about everyday from someone wondering about the house, so we are loving the interest we're seeing. It's only a matter of time. God knows whose house this will be!

9. Next Sunday is our Pastor's last Sunday...this makes me sad.

10. I'm not sure if I'll be a better blogger this week or not. Please forgive me. :)



Aspiemom said...

I hope you feel better this week!

How do you like your Cricut? I thought they looked great, but when I read reviews it seemed so many were disappointed in them. Do you use it a lot?

Mia said...

Tina I had a special video just for you at my blog. I am sorry you had such a bad week. Here's hoping and praying that this one will be better.

purejoy said...

it's a great skill i've practiced in my busy weeks!! (even if it resembled more of lamaze breathing, it worked for me!)
hope you feel better and sell a house.
press on, sister!

mary said...

Hoping for a brighter week!!

Elaine A. said...

Hope you feel better. Glad you got some rest yesterday. Happy belated Mother's Day! : )

Becky said...

I have decided that both of us WILL have better weeks this week. Through the power of prayer, our houses WILL sell and we WILL have lots of interest this week. We WILL be settled in, the new places God IS holding onto just for us right now, by the time school starts up next fall. And we WILL have loads of fun decorating them and making them HOME! Lovin' on ya!!! Bec

Anonymous said...

Go, Donald! That was a great mother's day gift!

Hope this week is tons better!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Sounds like a busy and not so fun week except for the softball! :)

PS I have some monkeys for you!! :)