Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm a disappointment...

At least, to my dad.

No. I didn't have 45 children out of wedlock.

No. I didn't drop out of high school to marry my sweetheart.

No. I didn't have a love affair with dope.

I have, however, failed to blog Monday thru Friday for the past couple weeks.

I'm sorry, Dad.

I'm sorry, folks-who-may-check-on-me-daily.

Call it Spring Fever.

Call it Lazy.

Call it Brain Freeze.

Call it...Life.

I don't know.

I don't think I'm the only one who has slacked off. My reader hasn't been filling up nearly as fast as it used to.

I think it's just that time of year. Who knows.

I had a very stinky week last week. I am on the mend. My brain is taking a little longer to was nice not thinking much about a post last week.

No, blogging is not hard, but sometimes, it is challenging to have something worth saying everyday. And I think most bloggers understand that. Guess that means that my dad isn't really a blogger. Ahem. His last post was February 2nd. I could cut him some slack because that post was for me, but well, he's not cutting me any slack for being a semi-slacker.

Much love to you dad...

This one's for you.



Aspiemom said...

You're so funny, Tina!!!

I've been slacking at blogging, too. with my son's accident, he is allowed extra time on the computer since there's not much else he can do. And when that leaves little computer time when I'm free, I had to decide between reading blogs & posting them. So I've been doing more reading...

Not that I have very earth-shattering things happening in my life to share with the world, anyway. ha!

Kim said...

I know exactly how you feel. Lately I also dont have anything to update on.

Suzanne said...

Interesting you would post this. I was thinking last night how much momentum is lost by not blogging daily, but even the best bloggers don't blog consistently. I'd rather wait in anticipation for an interesting post than read something boring. I was also thinking about you and your "grillin' questions" Here's my 2 cents: what do you do when you're:
mad- I clean
sad- bury in bed, watch MercyMe Grab Bag videos (hysterical)
depressed- I don't eat (hurray for the wait loss!) Play and sing worship music on the piano (so uplifting!)
Okay, that was like $2 worth...
have a good day Tina!

utmomof 5 said...

I blame spring fever!! I remember last year it seemed that everyones blogging slowed down. We understand even if you dad doesn't :)

Sara said...

Oh the DISAPPOINTMENT! What kind of daughter ARE you?

Well, you know very well I dropped one of my blogs completely, and didn't blog for a month and a half on my other.

Blogging takes at least your brain to work and with Spring in the air, warm weather, park trips, allergies, rainy puddle jumping, and school on the verge of being out... well us bloggers are out having fun.

Except you last week. *cough cough* At least it didn't last over a month! Kudos to you girlie! Love ya!

JMBMOMMY said...

Hope this week is better! I love that your dad reads your blog--that is something to smile about. Take a break anytime--that is the great thing about is YOUR get to do it when you want :)

mary said...

I have been missing you but, I've also been thinking that I've been spending too much time on the computer!

ToolSmartz said...

Well, thank you so much Darling just busted me out to everbody... but...but...oh, well. haha

btw, you could stop your blog tomorrow and you'd NEVER be a true disappointment.

But I DO like keepin up with the Goldens. :-)

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I'm enjoying the spring too! But hey - you've got to do a little living if you are going to have anything to write about!