Monday, June 1, 2009

No real focus to this post...

We had a very, very busy about you??

We attended a pool party Saturday morning, followed by a tee ball game.

Then we drove a 'fer piece' to a hospital to visit my sweet friend's daughter...and to pick up her brother so he wouldn't have to endure a night in a boring hospital.

Then we had another tee ball party...but we ate and bolted because we had some extremely tired, aka grumpy, kids on our hands.

We had a full day on Sunday as well...made complete by a great nap!

While I was napping, hubby got a call from a potential buyer.

We worked to get the house show-ready the rest of the day. Gotta love a hubby who is willing to help around the house. I am so blessed!

They will be here at 5pm please say a prayer.

It's VBS week at our church and I'll be taking our girl. I'm so glad she's old enough to go now. I hope she will have a great time with her friends! Evan will get a small dose of what it will be like not having Ella around all the time.

This should be an interesting day. :)

By the way, where in the WORLD did May go!?!?! Happy June!!!



utmomof 5 said...

No matter how busy the weekend, if one gets a sunday nap all is well with the world :)

Good luck with the buyer!!

Anonymous said...

We had a May this year? ;)

Anonymous said...

Y'all have been hopping! Hope all goes well with your potentials and that your friend's daughter feels better soon.

Becky said...

Did you guys get an offer? We had a weekend like that, with an open house right after church yesterday. But only one person showed and she had no financing in place yet. So hoping God sells both our houses soon. I did have a friend get an offer on one of their two houses this past week and seen some new sold signs there is HOPE out there. We just gotta keep hanging in there (I need that reminder lots lately!) God is still in control and His timing is still perfect...even when we don't see the reason for the wait!