Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Seeing it as 'half full'

Actually, the cup is probably overflowing.

It POURED yesterday!!

I thought there was NO WAY the potential buyers would come by in the rain, but they did.

We haven't gotten any feedback yet; hopefully the realtor will call in a few hours...otherwise, I'm sicking hubster on her!

Even if the news isn't what we want to hear...

My house is clean! Yahoo!!

And we won't be in it much today....

SO it will stay clean! Yahoo!!

See...you really have to accentuate the positive, people!



Becky said...

My house has stayed clean this week too! The puppy is at the vet's kennel and the girls and I are on a mini-vacation seeing family and old haunts from when I was a kid. We are in KC, MO instead of Jeff City and not due back until Thurs. We have met my brothers new girlfriend, my older sister's sort-of boyfriend and my younger sister's baby daddy. Its been an adventure and it is only day two. Oh yeah, we threw in a visit to my parents' yesterday before we ever got to KC. Hope that your showings result in a sale!

Anonymous said...

Hope y'all hear good news!!

Elaine A. said...

A clean house is definitely a positive! : )