Monday, June 15, 2009

What a weekend!

It's been some kind of weekend!

Friday, some terrible weather rolled through. Tornadic, even. Our area only saw a nice thunderstorm, but south of us, whoa momma.

LOTS of people are still without power.

Some folks have had quite the mess to clean up.

As far as I know, no one was injured.

Thank you God for keeping us all safe!


Saturday, we met our Guam friends for Japanese.

Ahem, did you hear me?

I, ME!!!, I agreed to a Japanese dinner....THIS is not my thing. I am not an adventurous eater...but I took one for the team and went. And...I actually liked it!!! We followed it up with ice cream at TCBY...and ended the evening by introducing our new friends to Hobby Lobby (a craft store). We cut up in the store until the kids started whining they were about to close. Amy's hubby might need to supervise her shopping trips to this store!

We had a great time with great people!!!


We woke up Sunday morning to more was one of those days you sort of wish you could just roll over and stay in bed. I love sleeping while it rains, and I love a good thunderstorm., but we got it together for church and had a nice morning.

After church, we got a call.

A call about the house!!

We will be showing it this afternoon...

What's really cool is that nine years ago today, we closed on this house. I mentioned on Facebook the other day that it would be really cool if we sold it nine years later on June 15th.

So we'll show the house today and see what happens.

May we be in your prayers today!!



Becky said...

My prayers are with you. That would be super cool if you got an offer yesterday!

Jen said...

We've been lots of storms around here too and I love them! Just not the destructive kind! Good luck with the house, wouldn't that be cool!

Mia said...

I think we got your storms today. I will be checking back later and on Facebook to see how the house showing went!! Praying.....

Anonymous said...

Yum! Japanese food!

Hope the showing went well today!

Morrison Musings said...

I'm glad you overcame your fear of Japanese food! Let's try THAI next! haha!